Film Index

Name Year Director Languages Genre
'R Xmas 2001 Abel Ferrara Thriller, Drama
(Dis)Honesty 2015 Yeal Melamede English Documentary
0r1g1n Unkn0wn 2018 Hasraf Dulull English Sci-Fi
100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, The 2013 Felix Herngren Swedish Adventure, Drama, Action, Comedy
12 2007 Nikita Mikhalkov Russian/Chechen Drama
12 Hour Shift 2020 Brea Grant Horror, Thriller, Comedy
12 Mighty Orphans Ty Roberts English Sports, Drama, Family
12 Songs
13 Minutes 2015 Oliver Hirschbiegel German War, Drama, Biography
2 Days in New York 2012 Julie Delpy English & French Drama, Romance, Comedy
3 Coeurs 2015 Benoît Jacquot French Drama
3 Days in Malay 2023 Louis Mandylor English Adventure, War, Action
3-Iron 2003 Kim Ki-Duk Korean World Cinema, Drama
31 2016 Rob Zombie English Horror, Thriller
3022 2019 John Suits English Sci-Fi
398 Days: Hostage 2020 Niels Arden Oplev, Anders W. Berthelsen Danish Drama
4 Soldats 2013 Robert Morin French Drama, Action, Sci-Fi
40 Acres
400 Days 2015 Matt Osterman English Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery
5 Flights Up 2014 Richard Loncraine English Drama, Comedy
5 to 7 2014 Victor Levin English Drama, Romance, Comedy
6 Days 2017 Toa Fraser English History, Thriller, Drama, Action
7 Sisters 2017 Tommy Wirkola English Thriller, Sci-Fi
752 Is Not a Number 2022 Babak Payami English and Farsi Documentary
8 - Cancelled
9 Mois Ferme 2013 Albert Dupontel French Comedy
A Glitch in the Matrix 2021 Rodney Ascher English Documentary
A.rtificial I.mmortality
Accident 1967 Joseph Losey Drama
Aces : Iron Eagle III 1992 Kevin Elders, John Glen Adventure, Action
Act of God 2009 Jennifer Baichwal English, French Documentary
Adam at the Wedding 2017 Ryan Eggold English Drama, Comedy
Adderall Diaries, The 2015 Pamela Romanowsky English Thriller, Drama, Action
Adieu Berthe 2012 Bruno Podalydès French Drama, Comedy
Adult World 2013 Scott Coffey English Drama, Comedy
Adventures of a Mathematician
Affaire Privée, Une (A Private Affair) 2002 Guillaume Nicloux French Drama
African Redemption
After The Wedding 2019 Bart Freundlich English Drama
Afterparty 2013 Michelle Ouellet English Drama
Agent Game Grant S. Johnson English Thriller, Action
Agnes 2021 Mickey Reece English Horror, Drama
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry 2012 Alison Klayman English, Mandarin Documentary
Ailo's Journey 2019 Guillaume Maidatchevsky French Adventure, Environment, Children, Documentary, Family
Air America 1990 Roger Spottiswoode English Adventure, Action
Ajami 2009 Yaron Shani, Scandar Copti Hebrew / Arabic Drama, Crime
Alfie Darling 1975 Ken Hughes Romance, Comedy
Alien Arrival 2016 Jesse O'Brien English Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi
All Creatures Great and Small 1975 Claude Whatham Children, Comedy
All Is True 2018 Kenneth Branagh English History, Drama, Biography
All My Puny Sorrows 2021 Michael McGowan English Drama
All the Devil's Men 2018 Matthew Hope English Action
All the Real Girls 2003 David Gordon Green English Drama
Allocation for Syspro
Aloft 2014 Claudia Llosa English Drama
Alone 2020 John Hyams English Thriller
Altar Boy 2022 Serville Poblete English Drama
Amapola (INTL) 2014 Eugenio Zanetti English, Spanish Drama, Comedy, Musical
Amateur 1993 Hal Hartley Thriller, Drama, Comedy
Ambush, The 2021 Pierre Morel Arabic War, Action
American Carnage 2020 Jesse Stewart
American Chaos 2018 James D. Stern English Documentary
American Dreamer 2019 Derrick Borte English Thriller, Crime
American Hardcore 2006 Paul Rachman English Documentary
American Heist 2014 Sarik Andreasyan English Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action
American Murderer 2021 Matthew Gentile English Thriller, Drama, Crime
American Night 2021 Alessio Della Valle Thriller, Action
American Sicario 2021 RJ Collins English Action
American Swing 2008 Matthew Kaufman, Jon Hart English Documentary
American Traitor: The Trial Of Axis Sally 2020 Michael Polish English Drama
American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story 2021 The Erwin Brothers English Drama
Amour 2012 Michael Haneke French, English Drama, Romance
Amulet 2020 Romola Garai English Horror
Amy 2015 Asif Kapadia English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Biography
Amy George 2011 Yonah Lewis, Calvin Thomas English Drama
An Elephant Called Slowly 1969 James Hill Drama
An Eye for an Eye 1966 Michael D. Moore Western
An Inspector Calls 1954 Guy Hamilton Drama, Crime
An Ordinary Man 2018 Brad Silberling English War, Thriller, Drama
And Soon the Darkness 1970 Robert Fuest Thriller
Angel Heart 1987 Alan Parker Fantasy, Mystery
Angel of the Skies 2013 Christopher-Lee Dos Santos German, English War, Drama
Angel-A 2005 Luc Besson French/Spanish World Cinema
Angels One Five 1952 George More O'Ferrall War, Drama
Angry Indian Goddesses 2015 Pan Nalin Hindi Drama, Comedy
Angry Silence, The 1960 Guy Green Drama
Aniara 2018 Pella Kagerman, Hugo Lilja Swedish Drama, Sci-Fi
Animal Kingdom, The 2023 Thomas Cailley French Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Animal Project, The 2013 Ingrid Veninger English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Anita Takes a Chance 2001 Ventura Pons Spanish World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Anniversary, The 2014 Valerie Buhagiar English Drama, Comedy
Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of Inside Llewyn Davis 2013 Christopher Wilcha English Documentary
Another Round 2020 Thomas Vinterberg Danish Drama, Comedy
Another Year 2010 Mike Leigh English Drama
Anselm 2023 Wim Wenders German, English
Antebellum 2020 Gerard Bush, Christopher Renz Horror
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch 2018 Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas de Pencier English, Russian, Italian, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, with English Subtitles Documentary
Apache Junction 2021 Justin Lee Western
Apples 2020 Christos Nikou Greek Drama, Comedy
Apprentice, The
Aquarela 2018 Viktor Kossakovsky Russian, English Environment, Documentary
Are You Being Served? 1977 Bob Kellett Adventure, Action, Comedy
Armed Response 2017 John Stockwell English Horror, Thriller
Armstrong Lie, The 2013 Alex Gibney English Documentary
Ascent 2016 Fiona Tan English Drama
Ashes of Time Redux 2008 Kar-Wai Wong Cantonese with English Subtitles World Cinema
Ask Dr. Ruth 2019 Ryan White English Documentary
Assassins 2020 Ryan White Documentary
Assignment, The 2016 Walter Hill English Thriller, Action
Astérix - Le Domaine des dieux 2014 Louis Clichy, Alexandre Astier French Adventure, Comedy, Animation
At Any Price 2012 Ramin Bahrani English Thriller, Sports, Drama
At the Height of Summer 1999 Anh Hung Tran Drama
Attila Marcel 2013 Sylvain Chomet French Comedy
Au Bonheur des Ogres 2013 Nicolas Bary French Comedy
Austenland 2013 Jerusha Hess English Romance, Comedy
Australian Dream, The 2020 Daniel Gordon English Documentary
Auto Focus 2002 Paul Schrader English Drama
Autrui 2015 Micheline Lanctôt French Drama
Ava 2017 Sadaf Foroughi Farsi Drama
Avant L'Hiver 2013 Philippe Claudel French Drama
Avant que mon Coeur Bascule 2012 Sébastien Rose French Canadian, Drama
Avengers, The - Season 2 1965 Charles Crichton, Peter Graham Scott Crime
Avengers, The - Season 3 1962 Jonathan Alwyn…, Richmond Harding Crime
Avengers, The - Season 4 1963 Bill Bain…, Peter Hammond Crime
Avengers, The - Season 5 1967 James Hill, Sidney Hayers, Robert Day Crime
Avengers, The - Season 6 1968 Don Chaffey Crime
Avril et le Monde Truqué 2015 Christian Desmares, Franck Ekinci French Adventure, Comedy, Animation
Away from Her 2006 Sarah Polley English Canadian, Drama
B-Side, The: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography 2016 Errol Morris English Documentary
Baadasssss! 2004 Mario Van Peebles English Drama
Baby Ruby Bess Wohl English Thriller, Drama
Baby and the Battleship, The 1956 Jay Lewis Comedy
Backtrack 1989 Dennis Hopper Adventure, Thriller, Action
Bad Batch, The 2016 Ana Lily Amirpour English Horror, Thriller
Bad Boys 1983 Rick Rosenthal Drama, Crime
Bad Education 2004 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish(Castilian)/Latin World Cinema, Drama
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn 2021 Radu Jude Drama, Comedy
Bad Reputation 2018 Kevin Kerslake English Documentary
Baghead 2008 Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass English Drama, Comedy
Ballad in Blue 1964 Paul Henreid Drama, Musical
Band Aid 2017 Zoe Lister-Jones English Comedy
Bandar Band 2020 Manijeh Hekmat Drama
Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar 2020 Josh Greenbaum English Comedy
Barbaque Fabrice Eboué Français Horror, Comedy
Barbara Taylor Bradford: Everything to Gain 1995 Michael Miller Drama, Crime
Barbara Taylor Bradford: Love in Another Town 1996 Lorraine Senna Drama
Bargee, The 1964 Duncan Wood Comedy
Based On A True Story Roman Polanski French Thriller, Drama
Basic Instinct 1992 Paul Verhoeven English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Beach Rats 2017 Eliza Hittman English Drama
Beans 2020 Tracey Deer English Drama
Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest 2011 Michael Rapaport English Documentary
Beautiful Country, The 2004 Hans Petter Moland English/Cantonese/Mandarin/Vietnamese World Cinema, Drama
Beaux Jours, Les 2013 Marion Vernoux French Drama, Romance
Becoming Astrid 2018 Pernille Fischer Christensen Swedish History, Drama, Biography
Bedroom Window, The 1987 Curtis Hanson Thriller, Crime
Beeba Boys 2015 Deepa Mehta English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Before I Wake 2016 Mike Flanagan English Horror, Fantasy, Drama
Before Midnight 2013 Richard Linklater English, Greek Drama, Romance
Before We Vanish 2018 Kiyoshi Kurosawa Japanese Drama, Sci-Fi
Belles of St. Trinian'S, The 1954 Frank Launder Comedy
Bells Go Down, The 1943 Basil Dearden War, Drama
Berlin, I Love You 2019 Dianna Agron, Peter Chelsom, Fernando Eimbcke, Justin Franklin, Dennis Gansel, Dani Levy, Daniel Lwowski, Josef Rusnak, Til Schweiger, Massy Tadjedin, Gabriela Tscherniak English Drama, Romance
Best Offer 2013 Guiseppe Tornatore English Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery
Best Sellers 2020 Lina Roessler English Drama, Comedy
Best of Benny Hill, The 1974 John Robins Comedy
Bethlehem 2013 Yuval Adler Hebrew, Arabic Thriller, Drama
Beyond Utopia 2023 Madeleine Gavin English/Korean Documentary
Big Carnaval, The Aces High 1976 Jack Gold War
Big Job, The 1965 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Big Time 2017 Kaspar Astrup Schrøder English, Danish Documentary
Billy Liar 1963 John Schlesinger Drama, Comedy
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula 1966 William Beaudine Horror, Western
Birth of a Family
Bitterbrush 2022 Emelie Mahdavian English Documentary
Black '47 2018 Lance Daly English Thriller, Action
Black Book 2006 Paul Verhoeven Dutch/German/English/Hebrew World Cinema, Drama
Black Code 2016 Nick De Pencier English Documentary
Black Death 2010 Christopher Smith English Adventure, History, Horror, Drama, Action, Mystery
Black Noise 2023 Philippe Martinez English Action, Sci-Fi
Black Site Delta 2017 Jesse Gustafson English Action
Black Water 2018 Pasha Patriki English Thriller, Drama, Action
Blackcoat's Daughter, The 2015 Oz Perkins English Horror, Thriller
Blackmail 1929 Alfred Hitchcock Thriller, Crime
Blackwood 2022 Chris Canfield English Horror, Western
Blind 2017 Michael Mailer English Drama, Romance
Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary 2002 Andre Heller German World Cinema, Documentary
Blood Conscious 2021 Timothy Covell English Horror, Thriller, Drama
Blood Pressure 2012 Sean Garrity English Canadian, Drama
Blue Jasmine 2013 Woody Allen English Drama
Blue Jean Georgia Oakley English Drama
Blue Lamp, The 1950 Basil Dearden Adventure, Drama, Crime, Action
Blue Murder at St. Trinian'S 1958 Frank Launder Comedy
Blue is the Warmest Color 2013 Abdellatif Kechiche French Drama, Romance
Boat, The 2018 Winston Azzopardi English Thriller
Bobby Fischer Against the World 2011 Liz Garbus English History, Sports, Documentary, Biography
Body at Brighton Rock 2019 Roxanne Benjamin English Horror, Drama
Boiling Point 2021 Philip Barantini Thriller, Drama
Bold and the Brave, The 1956 Lewis R. Foster War
Bollywood/Hollywood 2002 Deepa Mehta English Canadian, Comedy
Border 2018 Ali Abbasi Swedish Thriller, Fantasy, Romance
Borg vs. McEnroe 2017 Janus Metz English Sports, Drama, Biography
Bottom of the Ninth, The 2019 Raymond De Felitta English Sports, Drama
Boudica: Queen Of War 2023 Jesse V. Johnson Adventure, Action
Boule et Bill 2013 Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier French Comedy, Family
Boundaries 2018 Shana Feste English Drama, Comedy
Boy 2010 Taika Waititi English Drama, Comedy
Boy and the Beast, The 2015 Mamoru Hosoda Japanese Adventure, Action, Animation
Boychoir 2014 Francois Girard, François Girard English Drama, Family
Boyhood 2014 Richard Linklater English Drama
Boys vs. Girls 2020 Mike Stasko
Brave Men's Blood Olaf de Fleur Icelandic, English, Serbian, Russian Thriller, Crime, Action
Breakfast on Pluto 2005 Neil Jordan English GLBT, Drama
Breakfast with Scot 2007 Laurie Lynd English Canadian, Comedy
Breaking Habits 2019 Robert Ryan English Documentary
Breaking Surface 2020 Joachim Hedén Swedish Thriller
Brick Lane 2007 Sarah Gavron English World Cinema, Drama
Brighton Rock 1948 John Boulting Drama, Crime
Brigsby Bear 2017 Dave McCary English Drama, Comedy
Brimstone and Glory 2017 Viktor Jakovleski Documentary
Bring Me a Dream 2020 Chase Smith English Horror
Brink, The 2019 Alison Klayman English Documentary
Broken Embraces 2009 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish with English subtitles Drama
Broken Wings 2002 Nir Bergman Hebrew World Cinema, Drama
Bronze, The 2015 Bryan Buckley English Sports, Drama, Comedy
Brooklyn 2015 John Crowley English Drama, Romance
Brothers in Law 1957 Roy Boulting Comedy
Bull 2021 Paul Andrew Williams English Thriller
Burden 2020 Andrew Heckler English Drama
Burn Country 2016 Ian Olds English Drama
Burning Sea, The 2021 John Andreas Andersen Norwegian Adventure, Drama
Burnt Orange Heresy, The 2020 Giuseppe Capotondi English Thriller
By the Gun 2014 James Mottern English Thriller, Drama, Crime
CJ7 2008 Stephen Chow Mandarin with English subtitles World Cinema, Comedy
Caché / Hidden 2005 Michael Haneke French World Cinema, Drama
Café Society 2016 Woody Allen English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Cairo Road 1950 David Mcdonald Drama, Crime
Cairo Time 2009 Ruba Nadda English Drama, Romance
Call Me By Your Name 2017 Luca Guadagnino English, French Drama, Romance
Call Up, The 2016 Charles Barker English Action, Sci-Fi
Camille Redouble 2012 Noémie Lvovsky French Drama, Comedy
Can't Stop the Music 1980 Nancy Walker Comedy, Musical
Capernaum 2018 Nadine Labaki Arabic Drama
Captain's Paradise 1953 Anthony Kimmins Comedy
Captive Heart, The 1946 Basil Dearden War, Drama
Carandiru 2003 Hector Babenco Portuguese (Brazil) World Cinema, Drama
Carlos (2023) 2023 Rudy Valdez English
Carlton-Browne of the F.O. 1959 Roy Boulting Comedy
Carmen 2022 Benjamin Millepied Spanish & English Drama, Musical
Carnage 2011 Roman Polanski English Drama, Comedy
Carry on Cabby 1963 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Cleo 1964 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Constable 1960 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Cowboy 1966 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Cruising 1962 Gerald Thomas Romance, Comedy
Carry on Jack 1963 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Nurse 1959 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Screaming 1966 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Sergeant 1958 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Carry on Spying 1964 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Case For Christ, The 2017 Jon Gunn English Drama, Biography
Cat, The 1966 Ellis Kadison Adventure, Children, Action
Catch the Fair One 2021 Josef Kubota Wladyka Thriller
Catfight 2016 Onur Tukel English Comedy
Cave Rescue 2020 Tom Waller Adventure, Thriller, Action
Celeste and Jesse Forever 2012 Lee Toland Krieger English Drama, Comedy
Cell 2016 Tod Williams English Horror, Action, Sci-Fi
Censor Prano Bailey-Bond English Horror
Certified Copy 2010 Abbas Kiarostami French, Italian Drama, Romance
Champagne 1928 Alfred Hitchcock Romance, Comedy
Champagne Charlie 1944 Alberto Cavalcanti Drama, Comedy, Musical
Changing Saddles 2018 English Drama, Comedy, Family
Chaplin 1992 Richard Attenborough English Drama, Comedy, Biography
Cherish 2002 Finn Taylor English Drama, Comedy
Chicken Chronicles, The 1977 Francis Simon Drama, Comedy
Children of Huang Shi, The 2008 Roger Spottiswoode English World Cinema, Drama
China Hustle, The 2017 Jed Rothstein English Documentary
Chinese Box 1997 Wayne Wang English, Cantonese Drama, Comedy
Chispa De La Vida, La (As Luck Would Have It) 2011 Álex de la Iglesia Spanish Drama
Churchill 2017 Jonathan Teplitzky English History, War, Drama, Biography
Circus of Horrors 1960 Sidney Hayers Horror
City State (INTL) 2011 Olaf de Fleur Johannesson, Olaf de Fleur Icelandic, English, Serbian, Russian
Class, The (Entre les Murs) 2008 Laurent Cantet French Drama
Climb, The 2020 Michael Angelo Covino English Drama, Comedy
Clockwise 1986 Christopher Morahan Comedy
Close to You 2023 Dominic Savage English
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky 2009 Jan Kounen English/French/Russian Drama
Code Unknown 2000 Michael Haneke French World Cinema, Drama
Cold Case Hammarskjöld 2019 Mads Brügger English & French Crime, Documentary
Cold War 2018 Pawel Pawlikowski Polish, German, Yiddish, Ukrainian War, Drama, Romance
Colditz Story, The 1955 Guy Hamilton War, Drama
Collective 2020 Alexander Nanau Romanian Documentary
Colonia 2015 Florian Gallenberger English History, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Colony, The 2021 Tim Fehlbaum English Thriller, Sci-Fi
Colossal 2016 Nacho Vigalondo English Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Come to Daddy 2019 Ant Timpson English Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Comedian, The 2016 Taylor Hackford English Comedy
Coming Home 2014 Zhang Yimou Mandarin Drama, Romance
Company, The 2003 Robert Altman English Drama
Compartment No. 6 2021 Juho Kuosmanen Russian, Finnish Saami Drama
Compassionate Spy, A 2022 Steve James English
Constant Husband, The 1955 Sidney Gilliat Comedy
Contraband Spain 1955 Julio Salvador, Lawrence Huntington Crime
Convoy 1940 Pen Tennyson War, Drama
Cooking with Stella 2009 Dilip Mehta English/Hindi Drama, Comedy
Cornouaille 2012 Anne Le Ny French Drama
Counterfeiters, The 2007 Stefan Ruzowitzky German World Cinema, Drama
Crazy About You Alan Lindsay English Romance, Comedy
Creative Control 2014 Benjamin Dickinson English Drama, Sci-Fi
Criminal, The 1961 Joseph Losey Crime
Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan 2020 Julien Temple English Documentary
Crooks Anonymous 1962 Ken Annakin Crime, Comedy
Crooks in Cloisters 1964 Jeremy Summers Crime, Comedy
Cruel Sea, The 1953 Charles Frend Adventure, War, Drama, Action
Cry the Beloved Country 1952 Zoltan Korda Drama
Cryptozoo Dash Shaw English Fantasy, Animation
Crème de la crème, La 2014 Kim Chapiron French Drama, Comedy
Cunningham 2019 Alla Kovgan English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Biography
Curling 2010 Denis Côté French Drama
Curse of the Golden Flower 2006 Zhang Yimou Mandarin World Cinema, Drama
Cutie and the Boxer 2013 Zachary Heinzerling English, Japanese Documentary
Cutthroat Island 1995 Renny Harlin Adventure, Action
Dalekmania 1995 Kevin Davies Documentary
Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. 1966 Gordon Flemyng Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Daliland Mary Harron English Drama
Dam Busters, The 1955 Michael Anderson War, Drama
Damned United, The 2009 Tom Hooper English Drama
Damned, The 2013 Víctor García English & Spanish Horror, Thriller
Damsels in Distress 2011 Whit Stillman English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Dance Hall 1950 Charles Crichton Drama
Dancing Arabs 2014 Eran Riklis Arabic/English/Hebrew Drama
Danger Close 2019 Kriv Stenders English War, Action
Dark Asset 2022 Michael Winnick English Thriller, Action
Dark Blue World 2001 Jan Sverak Czech/English World Cinema, Drama
Dark Crimes 2018 Alexandros Avranas English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Dark Eyes of London, The 1940 Walter Summers Horror, Crime
Dark Horse 2011 Todd Solondz English Drama
Dark Horse SPC 2014 Louise Osmond English Drama, Documentary
Date For Mad Mary, A 2016 Darren Thornton English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Date With an Angel 1987 Tom Mcloughlin Fantasy, Comedy
Daughter, The 2014 Simon Stone English Drama
David Crosby: Remember My Name 2019 A.J. Eaton English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Biography
Day of the Dolphin, The 1974 Mike Nichols Adventure, Drama, Crime, Action, Comedy
Day the Earth Caught Fire, The 1962 Val Guest Drama, Sci-Fi
Day the Ponies Come Back, The 1999 Jerry Schatzberg English, French Drama
De Vrais Mensonges 2010 Pierre Salvadori French, English Romance, Comedy
Dead Trigger 2018 Mike Cuff, Scott Windhauser English Horror, Action, Sci-Fi
Dead Water 2019 Chris Helton English Thriller
Dead of Night 1945 Basil Dearden, Alberto Cavalcanti Fantasy
Deaner '89
Death of Me 2020 Darren Lynn Bousman English
Death of a Ladies' Man 2020 Matthew Bissonnette English Drama
Death on the Nile 1978 John Guillermin Crime
Decision to Leave 2022 Park Chan-wook Korean Thriller, Drama, Crime
Deep Blue Sea, The 2011 Terence Davies English Drama, Romance
Deep in the Forest 2022 Jeremy Dylan Lanni English Thriller, Action
Definites, The 2016 Hannah Cheesman, Mackenzie Donaldson English Drama
Delete History 2020 Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delépine Français Comedy
Delicieux 2020 Éric Besnard French Drama
Deliver Us 2023 Lee Roy Kunz, Cru Ennis English
Den, The 2013 Zachary Donohue English Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Dentist on the Job 1961 C. Michael Pennington-Richards Comedy
Departure 2015 Andrew Steggall English Drama
Derek DelGaudio's In & of Itself 2020 Frank Oz English Documentary
Desierto 2017 Jonás Cuarón English, Spanish Thriller, Drama
Deux jours, une nuit (Two Days, One Night) 2014 Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne French Drama
Development, Projects in
Devil & Daniel Johnston, The 2005 Jeff Feuerzeig English Documentary
Devil's Hand, The 2014 Christian E. Christiansen English Horror, Thriller
Devil's Light, The
Dheepan 2014 Jacques Audiard French, Tamil Drama, Crime
Diabolik 2021 Antonio Manetti & Marco Manetti Italian Crime, Action
Diamond Tongues 2015 Pavan Moondi, Brian Robertson English Drama, Comedy
Diary of a Teenage Girl, The 2015 Marielle Heller English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Dice Rules 1991 Jay Dubin Documentary, Comedy
Diego Star 2013 Frédérick Pelletier French, English Drama
Dig K. Asher Levin English Thriller
Diplomatie 2014 Volker Schlöndorff French War, Drama
Disobedience 2017 Sebastián Lelio English Drama, Romance
Distant 2002 Nuri Bilge Ceylan Turkish World Cinema, Drama
Divide and Conquer: The Story Of Roger Ailes 2018 Alexis Bloom English Documentary
Divided We Fall 2000 Jan Hrebejk Czech, German World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Do Not Disturb 2012 Yvan Attal French Drama, Romance, Comedy
Do You Believe? 2015 Jonathan M. Gunn English Drama
Dogman 2018 Matteo Garrone Italian Thriller, Drama, Crime
Dogtown & Z-Boys 2002 Stacy Peralta English Documentary
Domino 2019 Brian De Palma English Thriller, Crime
Don't Bother to Knock 1961 Cyril Frankel Comedy
Don't Come Knocking 2005 Wim Wenders English Drama
Don't Drink the Water 1969 Howard Morris Comedy
Don't Tell Me The Boy Was Mad 2014 Robert Guédiguian French Drama
Don't Tell a Soul 2020 Alex McAulay English Thriller
Doors, The 1991 Oliver Stone Musical, Biography
Double Happiness 1994 Mina Shum English, Cantonese Drama, Romance
Down to the Dirt 2008 Justin Simms English Canadian, Drama
Dr Who and the Daleks 1965 Gordon Flemyng Children, Fantasy
Dreaming Walls: Inside The Chelsea Hotel 2022 Maya Duverdier & Amélie van Elmbt Documentary
Driving Lessons 2006 Jeremy Brock English World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Due Justice (fka Palido) 2023 Javier Reyna English Thriller, Crime, Action
Duke Wore Jeans, The 1958 Gerald Thomas Musical
Dunkirk 1958 Leslie Norman War
Eagle Huntress, The 2016 Otto Bell Kazakh Adventure, Documentary, Family
Early Winter 2014 Michael Rowe English Drama
Earth 1998 Deepa Mehta Hindi, English, Gujarati, Panjabi, Urdu War, Drama, Romance
East, The Jim Taihuttu War, Thriller, Drama
Easy Land 2019 Sanja Zivkovic English Drama
Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words 2016 Thorsten Schütte English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Biography
Echoes of Home 2007 Stefan Schwietert German/Russian World Cinema, Documentary
Eden Log 2007 Franck Vestiel French, English Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Education of a Fairy, The 2006 José Luis Cuerda Spanish/French World Cinema, Drama
Education, An 2009 Lone Scherfig English Drama
Eight O'Clock Walk 1954 Lance Comfort Drama, Crime
Electric Boogaloo 2014 Mark Hartley, Mark Hartley English Adventure, Action, Documentary
Elizabeth: A Portrait in Part(s) 2022 Roger Michell English Documentary
Elle 2016 Paul Verhoeven French Thriller, Drama, Crime
Elle s'en va 2013 Emmanuelle Bercot French Drama, Comedy
Elsa & Fred 2014 Michael Radfort English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Emelie 2015 Michael Thelin English Horror, Thriller
Empire of Dirt 2013 Peter Stebbings English Drama
Empty Cradle 1993 Laurent Cantet Drama
En Solitaire (Turning Tide) 2013 Christopher Offenstein French Adventure, Sports, Drama
End of Romance, The (INTL)
End of Time, The 2012 Peter Mettler English Documentary
End of Us, The 2020 Steven Kanter & Henry Loevner English Drama, Comedy
End of the Line, The 2009 Rupert Murray English Documentary
Endless Night 1972 Sidney Gilliat Crime, Mystery
Enfant, L' (The Child) 2005 Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne French World Cinema, Drama
Enforcement 2020 Anders Ølholm & Frederik Louis Hviid Danish Crime, Action
Entertaining Mr. Sloane 1970 Douglas Hickox Comedy
Equity 2016 Meera Menon English Drama
Ernest And Celestine: A Trip To Gibberitia 2022 Julien Chheng, Jean-Christophe Roger Français Adventure, Family, Animation
Ernest Cole
Escape from Auschwitz 2020 Peter Bebjak Czech with English subtitles
Escape of Prisoner 614 2018 Zach Golden English Adventure, Crime, Comedy
Esma's Secret (Grbavica) 2006 Jasmila Zbanic Bosnian World Cinema, Drama
Eve & The Fire Horse 2005 Julia Kwan English, Cantonese Canadian, Drama
Every Little Step 2008 Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern English Documentary
Every Thing Will Be Fine 2015 Wim Wenders English Drama
Everybody Has A Plan 2012 Ana Piterbarg Spanish Thriller, Drama, Crime
Everyday Is Like Sunday 2013 Pavan Moondi English Drama, Comedy
Evil Dead II 1987 Sam Raimi English Horror, Comedy
Evil Under the Sun 1982 Guy Hamilton Crime
Ex Machina 2014 Alex Garland English Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Exit Through the Gift Shop 2010 Banksy English & French Documentary
Extinction 2014 Adam Spinks English Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
Extreme Prejudice 1987 Walter Hill Adventure, Crime, Action
FT Test
FTP Upload Title
Facing Windows 2003 Ferzan Ozpetek Italian World Cinema, Drama
Fading Gigolo 2013 John Turturro English Comedy
Faith of Our Fathers 2015 Carey Scott English Drama
Fall 2014 Terrance Odette English Drama
Fallen Idol, The 1948 Carol Reed Drama
Falling 2020 Viggo Mortensen English GLBT, Drama
False Positive 2021 John Lee Thriller, Mystery
Family Life 1972 Ken Loach Drama
Family Way, The 1967 Roy Boulting Drama, Comedy
Fanny (La Trilogie Marseillaise) 2013 Daniel Auteuil French Drama
Fantastic Woman, A 2017 Sebastián Lelio Spanish Drama
Farmer'S Wife, The 1928 Alfred Hitchcock Comedy
Feeling That The Time For Doing Something Has Passed, The 2023 Joanna Arnow English
Fight, The 2020 Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, Eli Despres English Documentary
Fill the Void 2012 Rama Burshtein Hebrew Drama, Romance
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool 2017 Paul McGuigan English Drama, Romance, Biography
Final Portrait 2017 Stanley Tucci English Drama, Comedy, Biography
Final Score 2018 Scott Mann English Action
Final Year, The 2018 Greg Barker English Documentary
Fine Step, A 2013 Jonathan Meyers English Drama, Family
Fire 1996 Deepa Mehta Hindi, English Canadian, Drama
Fire of Love 2021 Sara Dosa English Documentary
First Blood 1982 Ted Kotcheff Adventure, Action
First Date Manuel Crosby and Darren Knapp
First Monday in May, The 2016 Andrew Rossi English Documentary
First Position 2011 Bess Kargman English Documentary
Fits, The 2015 Anna Rose Holmer English Drama
Flash Gordon 1980 Mike Hodges Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Flash Gordon Animated 1985 Mike Hodges Animation, Sci-Fi
Flood, The Brandon Slagle English Action
Florida 2015 Philippe Le Guay French Drama, Comedy
Fog of War, The 2003 Errol Morris English Documentary
Folly to Be Wise 1953 Frank Launder Comedy
Food Inc. 2
Footnote 2011 Joseph Cedar Hebrew World Cinema, Drama
For No Good Reason 2012 Charlie Paul English History, Documentary, Biography
Forbidden Room, The 2015 Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson English Drama, Comedy, Mystery
Forgiven, The 2017 Roland Joffe English Thriller, Drama
Forgotten Woman, The 2008 Dilip Mehta Bengali/Hindi/English Canadian, Documentary
Four Daughters 2023 Kaouther Ben Hania Arabic Drama
Four Musketeers, The 1974 Richard Lester Adventure, Action
Foxcatcher 2014 Bennett Miller English Sports, Drama, Biography
Foxtrot 2017 Samuel Maoz Hebrew Drama
Framing Agnes 2022 Chase Joynt English Documentary
Frances 1982 Graeme Clifford Drama, Biography
Frances Ha 2012 Noah Baumbach English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Frankie 2019 Ira Sachs Drama
Frantz 2016 François Ozon French History, War, Drama
Free Samples 2012 Jay Gammil English Drama, Comedy
French Mistress, A 1960 Roy Boulting Comedy
Freud's Last Session 2023 Matthew Brown English
Friends With Money 2005 Nicole Holofcener English Drama
Fright 1971 Peter Collinson Horror, Crime
Frightened City, The 1961 John Lemont Crime, Mystery
Frozen River 2008 Courtney Hunt English Drama
GFE Girlfriend Experience 2009 Ileana Pietrobruno English Drama
Gagarine 2021 Fanny Liatard & Jérémy Trouilh French Drama
Galveston 2018 Mélanie Laurent English Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action
Gatekeepers, The 2012 Dror Moreh Hebrew, English History, War, Documentary
Gemma Bovery 2014 Anne Fontaine French, English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Geordie 1955 Frank Launder Drama, Comedy
Gerhard Richter Painting 2011 Corinna Belz German, English Documentary
Get Low 2010 Aaron Schneider English Drama
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai 1998 Jim Jarmusch Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action, Film Noir
Ghost Story, A 2017 David Lowery English Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Ghost of St. Michael'S, The 1941 Marcel Varnel Comedy
Giant Little Ones (GLO) 2018 Keith Behrman English Drama
Gift Horse, A 2015 Teddy Smith English Sports, Family
Gift from Bob, A 2020 Charles Martin Smith Comedy, Family
Girl on the Mountain, The 2021 Matt Sconce English Adventure, Thriller, Drama
Gleason 2016 Clay Tweel English Documentary
Go to Blazes 1962 Michael Truman Comedy
Goalie 2019 Adriana Maggs English Sports, Drama, Biography
God's Not Dead 2 2016 Harold Cronk English Drama
God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness 2018 Michael Mason English Drama
Gohatto 1999 Nagisa Ôshima Japanese History, Drama
Gonks Go Beat 1965 Robert Hartford-Davis Comedy, Musical
Good Boss, The 2021 Fernando León de Aranoa Spanish Comedy
Gracefield Incident, The 2017 Mathieu Ratthe English Horror, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Grande Boucle, La 2013 Laurent Tuel French Drama, Comedy
Grandma 2015 Paul Weitz English Comedy
Great Beauty, The 2013 Paolo Sorrentino Italian Drama, Comedy
Great St. Trinian'S Train Robbery, The 1966 Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder Crime, Comedy
Great War, The 2019 Steven Luke English War, Action
Greed 2019 Michael Winterbottom English Drama, Comedy
Green Butchers 2003 Anders Thomas Jensen Danish World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Green Prince, The 2014 Nadav Schirman English, Hebrew Documentary, Biography
Gridlocked 2015 Allan Ungar English Action
Grizzlies, The 2018 Miranda de Pencier English, Inuktitut Sports, Drama, Biography
Growing Op 2008 Michael Melski English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Grown Up Movie Star 2009 Adriana Maggs English Drama
Guilty, The 2018 Gustav Möller Danish Thriller
Gun Shy 2017 Simon West English Action
Guns Akimbo 2020 Jason Lei Howden English Action, Comedy
Guten Tag Ramón (INTL) 2013 Jorge Ramírez Suárez Spanish, German Drama
Hail Satan? 2019 Penny Lane English Documentary
Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song 2022 Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine English Documentary
Handmaiden, The 2016 Chan-wook Park Korean Drama, Romance
Hands that Bind 2021 Kyle Armstrong English Thriller, Drama
Hangman 2017 Johnny Martin English Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Happiest Days of Your Life, The 1950 Frank Launder Comedy
Happy End 2017 Michael Haneke French, English Drama
Happy Prince, The 2018 Rupert Everett English Drama, Biography
Hard Drive 2014 William D. MacGillivray English Adventure, Drama, Action, Romance
Hateship, Loveship 2013 Liza Johnson English Drama, Comedy
Haunting of Sharon Tate, The 2019 Daniel Farrands English Horror, Thriller, Drama
Haute Cuisine 2012 Christian Vincent French, English Comedy, Biography
Heart of A Champion 2022 Brad Keller English Family
Heart of Darkness
Heart of the Matter, The 1954 George More O'Ferrall Drama, Crime
Heartbeat 2014 Andrea Dorfman English Canadian, Drama, Romance, Comedy
Heaven on Earth 2008 Deepa Mehta Punjabi, English Canadian, Drama
Heavens Above! 1963 John Boulting, Roy Boulting Comedy
Held 2020 Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing English Horror, Thriller
Hell Hath No Fury 1991 Paul Wendkos Thriller, Crime
Henri 2013 Yolande Moreau French Drama
Henry VIII and His Six Wives 1972 Waris Hussein History, Drama
Here Before 2021 Stacey Gregg English Thriller
Hidden Life of Trees, The 2020 Jörg Adolph German Documentary
High Fantasy 2017 Jenna Bass Drama
Higher Ground 2011 Vera Farmiga English Drama
Higher Power 2018 Matthew Charles Santoro English Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
Highlander II: The Quickening 1991 Russell Mulcahy English Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Sci-Fi
Hill in Korea, A 1956 Julian Amyes War, Drama
Hillsong 2016 Michael John Warren English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Family
History's Future 2015 Fiona Tan Drama
Hoffman 1970 Alvin Rakoff Comedy
Holiday on the Buses 1973 Bryan Izzard Comedy
Holly and the Ivy, The 1954 George More O'Ferrall Drama
Holy Motors 2012 Leos Carax French, English Drama
Homesman, The 2014 Tommy Lee Jones English Drama, Western
Hostile Territory 2021 Brian Presley English Western
Hotaru 2000 Naomi Kawase Drama
House of Darkness 2021 Neil LaBute English Horror, Comedy
House of Flying Daggers 2004 Yimou Zhang Chinese (Mandarin) World Cinema, Drama
House of Sand, The 2005 Andrucha Waddington Portuguese World Cinema, Drama
How She Move 2007 Ian Iqbal Rashid English Canadian, Drama
How to Have Sex 2023 Molly Manning Walker English
How to Please a Woman 2021 Renée Webster English Comedy
How to Survive a Plague 2012 David France English Documentary
How to Talk to Girls at Parties 2018 John Cameron Mitchell English Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Howl 2010 Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein English Drama, Romance, Biography
Hue and Cry 1947 Charles Crichton Crime, Comedy
Huitième Jour, Le 1996 Jaco van Dormael French Drama, Comedy
Human Factor, The 2019 Dror Moreh English Documentary
Human Voice, The 2020 Pedro Almodovar Drama
Humans, The 2020 Stephen Karam English Drama
Hunt 2022 Lee Jung-jae Korean Thriller, Action
Hunt, The 2012 Thomas Vinterberg Danish Drama
Hunter's Prayer, The 2017 Jonathan Mostow English Thriller, Action
Hush! 2001 Ryosuke Hashiguchi Japanese World Cinema, GLBT, Drama, Comedy
Hybrid, The 2014 Billy O'Brien English Thriller, Sci-Fi
Hyperions, The 2021 Jon McDonald English Action
I Am Greta 2020 Nathan Grossman English Documentary
I Am Love 2010 Luca Guadagnino Italian, English Drama, Romance
I Am Not Your Negro 2016 Raoul Peck English Documentary
I Am Vengeance 2019 Ross Boyask English Action
I Am Vengeance: Retaliation Ross Boyask English Action
I Am Wrath 2016 Chuck Russell English Drama, Crime, Action
I Carry You With Me 2020 Heidi Ewing GLBT, Drama
I Like Movies 2022 Chandler Levack English Canadian, Comedy
I Love My Dad 2022 James Morosini English Comedy
I Propose We Never See Each Other Again After Tonight 2020 Sean Garrity Romance, Comedy
I Put a Hit on You 2014 Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart English Thriller, Romance, Comedy
I Remember You 2017 Oskar Thor Axelsson Icelandic Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
I Saw The Light 2015 Marc Abraham English Music & Live Performance, Drama, Biography
I See You 2019 Adam Randall English Horror, Thriller
I Served the King of England 2006 Jiri Menzel Czech with English subtitles Drama, Comedy
I Was Monty's Double 1959 John Guillermin War
I am a Dancer 1972 Pierre Jourdan, Evdoros Demetriou, Bryan Forbes Documentary
I'm All Right, Jack 1959 John Boulting Comedy
I'm Not Ashamed 2016 Brian Baugh English Drama, Biography
I'm So Excited! 2013 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish Comedy
I'm Your Man 2021 Maria Schrader German, English Romance, Comedy
I've Loved You So Long 2008 Philippe Claudel French Drama
I, Daniel Blake 2016 Ken Loach English Drama
Ice-Cold in Alex 1958 Jack Lee, Jack Lee-Thompson War, Drama
Illusionist, the 2010 Sylvain Chomet French Drama, Animation
Imaginary Heroes 2004 Dan Harris English Drama, Comedy
Immediate Family 2023 Denny Tedesco English
In A Better World 2010 Susanne Bier Dutch Drama
In Darkness 2011 Agnieszka Holland Polish, German, Yiddish, Ukrainian War, Drama
In Fabric 2019 Peter Strickland English Horror, Comedy
In My Country 2005 John Boorman English/Afrikaans Drama
In No Particular Order 2012 Kristine Cofsky English Drama, Comedy
In Viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis Gianfranco Rosi Italian Documentary, Biography
In the Fade 2018 Fatih Akin German / Greek Drama, Crime
In the Fire 2023 Conor Allyn English Thriller
Incident at Oglala 1992 Michael Apted Documentary
Indemnity 2021 Travis Taute English Action
Inertia 2001 Sean Garrity English GLBT, Canadian, Drama
Infiltrator, The 2016 Brad Furman English Drama, Crime, Biography
Infinitely Polar Bear 2015 Maya Forbes English Drama, Comedy
Ingrid Goes West 2017 Matt Spicer English Drama, Comedy
Initiation 2020 John Berardo English Horror, Crime
Innocents, The (Agnus Dei) 2016 Anne Fontaine French History, Drama
Inside Job 2010 Charles Ferguson English Documentary
Inside Llewyn Davis 2013 Joel Coen, Ethan Coen English Music & Live Performance, Drama
Insoumis, Les 2008 Claude-Michel Rome French Thriller, Crime, Action
Into the Abyss 2011 Werner Herzog English Drama, Crime, Documentary
Into the Weeds: Dewayne "Lee" Johnson vs. Monsanto Company
Invisible Woman, The 2013 Ralph Fiennes English History, Drama, Romance, Biography
Ip Man: Kung Fu Master 2020 Liming Li Mandarin Action
Iron Maiden, The 1963 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Ironclad: Battle for Blood 2014 Jonathan English English Adventure, Action
Irrational Man 2015 Woody Allen English Drama, Comedy
Island, The 2023 Shaun Paul Piccinino English Thriller, Action
It Ain't Over 2022 Sean Mullin English Documentary, Biography
It Always Rains on Sunday 1947 Robert Hamer Drama, Crime
It Comes At Night 2017 Trey Edward Shults English Horror, Thriller, Mystery
It Follows 2014 David Robert Mitchell English Horror, Thriller
It Might Get Loud 2009 Davis Guggenheim English Documentary
It's All Happening 1963 Don Sharp Comedy, Musical
It's All Over Town 1964 Douglas Hickox Musical
It's Great To Be Young! 1956 Cyril Frankel Comedy
It's Nothing Personal 1992 Michael Mccarthy Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Action
Italian Studies 2021 Adam Leon English & French Drama
Italian, The 2005 Andrei Kravchuk Russian World Cinema, Drama
Jacob's Ladder 1990 Adrian Lyne Fantasy, Drama
Jane Austen Book Club, The 2007 Robin Swicord English Drama
Jasper Jones 2017 Rachel Perkins English Teen, Drama, Family, Mystery
Jay & Silent Bob Reboot 2019 Kevin Smith English Comedy
Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story 2021 Frank Marshall and Ryan Suffern English Documentary
Jesus Music, The 2021 Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin English Documentary
Jeu de la Mort, le 2010 Thomas Bornot, Alain-Michel Blanc, Gilles Amado French Documentary
Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains 2007 Jonathan Demme English Documentary
Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian 2013 Arnaud Desplechin English Drama
Jimmy's Hall 2014 Ken Loach English History, Drama, Biography
Jindabyne 2007 Ray Lawrence English World Cinema, Drama
Jo pour Jonathan 2010 Maxime Giroux French Canadian, Drama
Joan Baez I Am A Noise 2023 Miri Navasky, Maeve O'Boyle, Karen O'Connor English Documentary
Jockey 2021 Clint Bentley English Drama
Jodorowsky's Dune 2013 Frank Pavich English, French, German Documentary
John Lewis: Good Trouble 2020 Dawn Porter English Documentary
Joueuse (Queen to Play) 2009 Caroline Bottaro French, English Drama
Journey, The 2016 Nick Hamm  English Drama, Biography
Julia 2021 Julie Cohen and Betsy West English Documentary, Biography
Julie's Test Film 2017 English Action
Julieta 2016 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish Drama, Romance
June Zero 2022 Jake Paltrow Hebrew / Arabic History, Drama
Junebug 2005 Phil Morrison English Drama
Junior 2008 Isabelle Lavigne, Stéphane Thibault English/French Documentary
Karakara 2012 Claude Gagnon Japanese, English Drama
Kayak to Klemtu 2018 Zoe Leigh Hopkins English Adventure, Canadian, Drama, Family
Kent Nagano et l'osm
Khaled 2002 Asghar Massombagi English Canadian, Drama
Khumba 2013 Anthony Silverston English Drama, Family, Animation
Kidnapped 2023 Marco Bellocchio Italian
Kill Command 2016 Steven Gomez English Horror, Action, Sci-Fi
Kill Switch 2017 Tim Smit English Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
Kill Team, The 2019 Dan Krauss English War, Thriller, Action
Killing Ground 2016 Damien Power  English Thriller
Killing Gunther 2017 Taran Killam  English Action, Comedy
Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949 Robert Hamer Comedy
Kind of Loving, A 1962 John Schlesinger Drama
King Kong Lives 1986 John Guillermin Adventure, Action
King and Country 1964 Joseph Losey War, Drama
King of Thieves 2018 James Marsh English Thriller, Crime, Comedy
Kisses for Everyone (Besos Para Todos) 2000 Jaime Chávarri Spanish World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Knight of the Dead 2013 Mark Atkins English Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Action
Knives Out 2019 Rian Johnson Mystery
Kokomo City D. Smith English Documentary
Kung Fu Elliot 2014 Matthew Bauckman, Jaret Belliveau English Drama, Documentary, Comedy
Kung Fu Hustle 2004 Stephen Chow Cantonese/Mandarin World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
L'Homme qui Rit 2012 Jean-Pierre Améris French Drama
L'amour est un crime parfait 2013 Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu French Thriller, Drama
L'immensita 2022 Emanuele Crialese Italian Drama, Foreign
L.A. Story 1991 Mick Jackson English Comedy
Labyrinth of Lies 2014 Giulio Ricciarelli German Thriller, Drama
Lace Crater 2015 Harrison Atkins English Horror, Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Mystery
Lady With a Lamp, The 1951 Herbert Wilcox History, Drama
Lady in the Van, The 2015 Nicholas Hytner English Drama, Comedy, Biography
Ladykillers, The 1955 Alexander Mckendrick Crime, Comedy
Lambert & Stamp 2014 James D. Cooper English, French, German History, Documentary, Biography
Land Ho! 2014 Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz English Adventure, Comedy
Land of Mine 2015 Martin Nadvliet Danish, German History, War, Drama
Landfall 1949 Ken Annakin War, Drama
Last Face, The 2016 Sean Penn English Drama
Last Holiday 1950 Henry Cass Drama, Comedy
Last Man Down 2021 Fansu Njie English Action
Last Resort 2023 Jean-Marc Minéo Action
Last Station,The 2009 Michael Hoffman English Drama
Last Stop 174 2008 Bruno Barreto Portugese Thriller, Drama, Crime
Last Vermeer, The 2019 Dan Friedkin English Drama
Last Weekend 2014 Tom Dolby, Tom Williams English Drama, Comedy
Late Quartet, A 2012 Yaron Zilberman English Music & Live Performance, Drama
Laughter in Paradise 1951 Mario Zampi Comedy
Laurel Canyon 2002 Lisa Cholodenko English Drama
Lavender Hill Mob, The 1951 Charles Crichton Crime, Comedy
Layer Cake 2004 Matthew Vaughn English Drama
League, The 2023 Sam Pollard English
Leaning Into the Wind 2017 Thomas Riedelsheimer English, French, Portuguese Documentary
Learn to Swim 2021 Thyrone Tommy Drama
Left, Right and Centre 1959 Sidney Gilliat Romance, Comedy
Legend of la Llorona, The 2021 Patricia Harris Seeley Horror, Thriller
Lemonade 2018 Ioana Uricaru Romanian Drama
Let George Do It! 1940 Marcel Varnel Comedy, Musical
Let The Right One In 2008 Tomas Alfredson Swedish Horror, Drama, Romance
Let The Sunshine In 2017 Claire Denis French Drama, Romance, Comedy
Let's Spend the Night Together 1983 Hal Ashby Documentary, Musical
Levelling, The 2016 Hope Dickson Leach Drama
Leviathan 2014 Andreï Zviaguintsev Russian Drama, Crime
Lie Exposed 2020 Jerry Ciccoritti English Drama
Life & Debt 2001 Stephanie Black English World Cinema, Documentary
Life Partners 2014 Susanna Fogel English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Life, Above All 2010 Oliver Schmitz Pedi Drama
Lightning in a Bottle 2004 Antoine Fuqua English Documentary
Like Father, Like Son 2013 Hirokazu Kore-eda Japanese Drama
Likely Lads, The 1976 Michael Tuchner Comedy
Little Accidents 2014 Sara Colangelo English Drama
Little Hours, The 2017 Jeff Baena English Romance, Comedy
Little Joe 2019 Jessica Hausner English Sci-Fi
Little Men 2015 Ira Sachs English Drama
Little Prayer, A 2023 Angus MacLachlan English
Little Richard: I Am Everything 2023 Lisa Cortes English Documentary
Little Women Drama
Lives of Others, The 2005 Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck German World Cinema, Drama
Living 2022 Oliver Hermanus English Drama
Liz: The Elisabeth Taylor Story 1995 Kevin Connor Drama, Biography
Lizzie 2018 Craig William Macneill English Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery, Biography
Lobster, The 2014 Yorgos Lanthimos English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Lock Up 1989 John Flynn English Adventure, Action
Long Arm, The 1956 Charles Frend Crime, Mystery
Long Way Down, A 2014 Pascal Chaumeil English Drama, Comedy
Long and the Short and the Tall, The 1961 Leslie Norman War, Drama
Looking for Leonard 2002 Matt Bissonnette English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Loot 1970 Silvio Narizzano Comedy
Lord of Misrule 2023 English
Lost Journey 2010 Ant Horasanli English Canadian, Drama
Lost Leonardo, The 2021 Andreas Koefoed Documentary
Lost Son, The 1998 Chris Menges Thriller, Drama
Lost Song 2008 Rodrigue Jean French Drama
Louder Than Words 2013 Anthony Fabian English Drama, Family
Love & Friendship 2016 Whit Stillman English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Love & Savagery 2009 John N. Smith English Drama, Romance
Love Is Strange 2014 Ira Sachs English Drama, Romance
Love Liza 2002 Todd Louiso English Drama
Love That Boy 2003 Andrea Dorfman English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Love Thy Neighbour 1973 John Robins Comedy
Love is all you need 2012 Susanne Bier English, Danish Drama, Romance, Comedy
Love of man (Amore de Hombre) 1998 Juan Luis Iborra, Yolanda García Serrano Spanish World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Love, Gilda 2018 Lisa Dapolito English Documentary
Love, Marilyn 2012 Liz Garbus English Documentary, Biography
Love, Weddings & Other Disasters 2020 Dennis Dugan English Romance, Comedy
Loveless 2017 Andrey Zvyagintsev Russian Drama
Lovely Molly 2011 Eduardo Sánchez English Horror, Thriller, Drama
Lovers, The 2017 Azazel Jacobs English Comedy
Lovesong 2016 So Young Kim English Drama
Loving Vincent 2017 Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman English Drama, Animation, Mystery, Biography
Lucid 2005 Sean Garrity English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Lucky Jim 1957 John Boulting Comedy
Lucky Them 2013 Megan Griffiths English Drama, Comedy
Lunchbox, The 2013 Ritesh Batra Hindi, English Drama, Romance
MI-5 2015 Bharat Nalluri English Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Action
Machine, The 2014 Caradog W. James English Thriller, Sci-Fi
Mad Love 2002 Vincente Aranda Spanish (Castilian) World Cinema, Drama
Mad Monster Party? 1967 Damiano Damiani, Jules Bass Children, Fantasy, Animation
Maggie's Plan 2015 Rebecca Miller English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Maggie, The 1954 Alexander Mckendrick Comedy
Magic Box, The 1952 John Boulting Drama, Biography
Magic in the Moonlight 2013 Woody Allen English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Magnificent Life of Marcel Pagnol, The Sylvain Chomet Animation, Biography
Maiden 2018 Alex Holmes English Sports, Documentary
Mail Order Monster 2018 Paulina Lagudi English Drama, Family, Sci-Fi
Mambo 1954 Robert Rossen Drama
Mamy Watta 1962 Robert Darène Adventure, Drama, Action, Comedy
Man About the House, A 1974 John Robins Comedy
Man Between, The 1953 Carol Reed Drama
Man Called Adam, A 1966 Leo Penn Drama
Man Up 2015 Ben Palmer English Romance, Comedy
Man Who Fell to Earth, The 1976 Nicolas Roeg Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Man in the Sky, The 1957 Charles Crichton Adventure, Drama, Action, Mystery
Man in the White Suit, The 1951 Alexander Mckendrick Comedy, Sci-Fi
Manchester by the Sea 2016 Kenneth Lonergan English Drama
Mandy 1952 Alexander Mckendrick Drama
Mang Shan 2007 Yang Li Drama
Manglehorn 2014 David Gordon Green English Drama
Maniac Cop John Hyams English Horror, Crime, Action
Manufactured Landscapes 2006 Jennifer Baichwal English Environment, Canadian, Documentary
Manxman, The 1930 Alfred Hitchcock Drama, Comedy
Mao's Last Dancer 2010 Bruce Beresford English, Mandarin Music & Live Performance, Drama, Romance, Biography
Mara 2018 Clive Tonge English Horror, Thriller, Crime
Margarita 2012 Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert English, Spanish Drama, Comedy
Marion Bridge 2002 Wiebke von Carolsfeld English Canadian, Drama
Marius (La Trilogie Marseillaise) 2013 Daniel Auteuil French Drama
Marjorie Prime 2017 Michael Almereyda English Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Mark Felt - The Man Who Brought Down the White House 2017 Peter Landesman English History, Thriller, Drama, Biography
Marque des Anges, La 2013 Sylvain White French Thriller
Marrowbone 2017 Sergio G. Sanchez English Horror, Thriller, Drama
Marvin 2017 Anne Fontaine French Drama
Marécages (Wetlands) 2011 Guy Édoin French Canadian, Drama
Masked and Anonymous 2003 Larry Charles English Drama
Maudie 2016 Aisling Walsh English Drama, Romance, Biography
Mayday 2021 Karen Cinorre English Fantasy, Drama
Meddler, The 2015 Lorene Scafaria English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Meditation Park 2017 Mina Shum English, Cantonese Drama
Memoirs of a Survivor 1981 David Gladwell Drama, Sci-Fi
Memories of My Father 2020 Fernando Trueba Spanish, English dub Drama
Menashe 2017 Joshua Z Weinstein Yiddish Drama
Merchant of Venice 2004 Michael Radford English Drama
Merchants of Doubt 2014 Maya Anand, Robert Kenner English Documentary
Mercy, The 2018 James Marsh English Adventure, Drama, Biography
Meru 2015 Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi English Documentary
Michael H. Profession: Director 2013 Yves Montmayeur German Documentary
Midnight in Paris 2011 Woody Allen English & French Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Midnight's Children 2012 Deepa Mehta English Canadian, Drama
Mike Wallace is Here 2019 Avi Belkin English Documentary
Miles Ahead 2015 Don Cheadle English Music & Live Performance, Drama, Biography
Mill on the Floss, The 1997 Graham Thaekston Drama
Million Dollar Mystery 1987 Richard Fleischer Comedy
Mind Benders, The 1963 Basil Dearden Drama
Mirror Cracked, The 1980 Guy Hamilton Crime
Miss Bala 2011 Gerardo Naranjo Spanish, English World Cinema, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action
Mister America 2019 Eric Notarnicola English Comedy
Mob Land 2023 Nicholas Maggio English Drama, Crime, Action
Mob Town 2019 Danny A. Abeckaser English Thriller, Crime
Mobile Homes 2017 Vladimir De Fontenay English Drama
Modra 2010 Ingrid Veninger English Drama, Romance
Moine, Le (The Monk) 2011 Dominik Moll French Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Molière à Bicyclette 2012 Philippe Le Guay French, Italian Drama, Comedy
Monkey'S Mask, The 1999 Samantha Lang Thriller
Monsieur Ibrahim 2003 François Dupeyron French/Arabic World Cinema, Drama
Moon 2009 Duncan Jones English Thriller, Drama
Moonfall 2021 Roland Emmerich English Sci-Fi
Mooz-lum 2010 Qasim Basir English Drama
Morgan, A Suitable Case for Treatment 1966 Karel Reisz Drama, Comedy
Mortal 2020 André Øvredal Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Mostly Sunny 2016 Dilip Mehta English/Hindi Documentary
Mother, The 2003 Roger Michell English Drama
Mothering Sunday 2021 Eva Husson Drama
Moulin Rouge 1928 Ewald-André Dupont Drama
Moving Malcolm 2003 Benjamin Ratner English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Moving On 2022 Paul Weitz English Drama, Comedy
Mr. Gaga 2015 Tomer Heymann English, Hebrew Documentary
Mr. Potts Goes to Moscow 1953 Mario Zampi Comedy
Mr. Turner 2014 Mike Leigh English History, Drama, Biography
Muffins for Granny 2007 Nadia McLaren English Canadian, Documentary
Mulholland Dr. 2001 David Lynch English Drama, Mystery
Murder in the First 1995 Marc Rocco Thriller, Drama
Murder! 1930 Alfred Hitchcock Film Noir, Mystery
Music Box 1989 Costa-Gavras Drama
Mustang 2015 Deniz Gamze Ergüven Turkish Drama
Mutiny on the Buses 1972 Harry Booth Comedy
My Art 2016 Laurie Simmons English Drama
My Favorite Girlfriend 2021 Amanda Raymond English Romance, Comedy
My Kid Could Paint That 2007 Amir Bar-Lev English Documentary
My Name is Alfred Hitchcock
My Neighbor Adolf 2022 Leon Prudovsky
My Old School 2022 Jono McLeod English Drama, Documentary
My Salinger Year 2020 Philippe Falardeau English Drama
My Wife Is An Actress 2001 Yvan Attal French World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Nailed! 2015 David O. Russell English Romance, Comedy
Narcopolis 2014 Justin Trefgarne English Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Narrow Margin 1990 Peter Hyams Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Action
Narrows, The 2008 Francois Velle English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Natasha 2015 David Bezmozgis Russian, English Drama
Neil Young Journeys 2011 Jonathan Demme English Music & Live Performance, Documentary
Neon 2015 Lawrence Johnston English Documentary
Never Grow Old 2019 Ivan Kavanagh English Action, Western
Never Look Away 2018 Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck German History, Thriller, Drama
New Girlfriend, The 2014 François Ozon French Drama
Next Exit 2022 Mali Elfman English Sci-Fi
Niagara Motel 2005 Gary Yates English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Nicholas Nickleby 1947 Alberto Cavalcanti Adventure, Drama, Action
Night My Number Came Up, The 1955 Leslie Norman Thriller
Night Train 2022 Shane Stanley English Thriller, Action
Nightingale, The 2019 Jennifer Kent English Thriller, Drama, Action, Western
Nightmare Beach 1988 Harry Kirkpatrick Horror, Drama
Nine Days 2020 Edson Oda Fantasy, Drama
Nine Men 1943 Harry Watt War
Ninjababy 2021 Yngvild Sve Flikke Norwegian Drama, Comedy
No 2012 Pablo Larraín Spanish Drama
No Kidding 1960 Gerald Thomas Comedy
No Limit 1936 Monty Banks Comedy
Noble House 1988 Gary Nelson Adventure, Action
Nom des Gens, le 2010 Michel Leclerc French, English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Normal 2007 Carl Bessai English Canadian, Drama
Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer 2016 English, Hebrew Thriller, Drama
Not Quite Hollywood 2008 Mark Hartley English Documentary
Not for Publication 1984 Paul Bartel Comedy, Mystery
Notebook, The 2013 János Szász Hungarian War, Drama
Nothing But the Best 1964 Clive Donner Comedy
Notre Dame on Fire 2022 Jean-Jacques Annaud Français Drama
November 2004 Greg Harrison English Drama
November (2022) 2022 Cédric Jimenez Français Drama, Crime
Novitiate 2017 Margaret Betts English Drama
Nowhere to Go 1959 Seth Holt Drama, Crime
Nuages sur la ville 2009 Simon Galiero French Drama
Number Seventeen 1932 Alfred Hitchcock Crime, Film Noir
Nurse.Fighter.Boy 2008 Charles Officer English Drama
Nymph()maniac 2013 Lars von Trier English Drama
Né quelque part 2013 Mohamed Hamidi French, Arabic Drama, Romance, Comedy
O'Horten 2007 Bent Hamer Norwegian World Cinema
Occupation 2018 Luke Sparke English Action, Sci-Fi
Occupation: Rainfall 2020 Luke Sparke English Action
Oddball 2015 Stuart McDonald English Adventure, Family
Odette 1950 Herbert Wilcox War, Drama
Offside 2006 Jafar Panahi Farsi World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Old Boyfriends 1979 Joan Tewkesbury Drama
Old Days
Old Way, The 2022 Brett Donowho English Action, Western
Oldboy Park Chan-wook Korean Drama, Action, Mystery
Oliver Sherman 2010 Ryan Redford English War, Thriller, Drama
Omar 2013 Hany Abu-Assad Arabic, Hebrew Thriller, Drama
On the Buses 1971 Harry Booth Comedy
One Fine Morning 2022 Mia Hansen-Løve French Drama, Romance
One Thousand Ropes 2016 Tusi Tamasese Somoan, English, Fijian Drama
One Week 2008 Michael McGowan English & French Adventure, Canadian, Drama
Only Living Boy in New York, The 2017 Marc Webb English Drama
Only Lovers Left Alive 2013 Jim Jarmusch English Horror, Drama, Romance, Comedy
Only the Animals 2021 Dominik Moll Français Drama
Open Windows 2014 Nacho Vigalondo English Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Action, Sci-Fi
Operation Napoleon 2023 Óskar Thór Axelsson Icelandic Thriller
Orders to Kill 1958 Anthony Asquith War
Ordinary World 2016 Lee Kirk English Music & Live Performance, Drama, Comedy
Other Half, The 2015 Joey Klein English Drama, Romance
Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles 2020 Laura Gabbert English Documentary
Our Little Sister 2014 Hirokazu Koreeda Japanese Drama
Our Miss Fred 1972 Bob Kellett Comedy
Outcast of the Islands 1952 Carol Reed Adventure, Drama, Action
Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz 2013 Kieran Parker English Horror, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
Over Your Dead Body 2014 Takashi Miike Japanese Horror
POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold 2011 Morgan Spurlock English Documentary
Pain and Glory 2019 Pedro Almodóvar World Cinema, Drama
Paprika 2006 Satoshi Kon Japanese World Cinema
Paradise City
Paradise Found 2003 Mario Andreacchio Drama, Biography
Parallel Mothers 2021 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish Drama
Paris Can Wait 2016 Eleanor Coppola English & French Drama, Romance, Comedy
Passages Ira Sachs
Passenger, The 1975 Michelangelo Antonioni English World Cinema, Drama
Passport to Pimlico 1949 Henry Cornelius Comedy
Past Perfect 2002 Daniel MacIvor English Canadian, Drama
Past, The 2013 Asghar Farhadi French Drama, Mystery
Paterson 2016 Jim Jarmusch English, Italian Drama, Romance, Comedy
Pavarotti 2019 Ron Howard English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Biography
Payback 2012 Jennifer Baichwal English Documentary
Payroll 1961 Sidney Hayers Crime
Peeping Tom 1960 Michael Powell Horror, Thriller
Percy 2020 Clark Johnson English Drama, Biography
Percy (1971) 1971 Ralph Thomas Comedy
Persepolis 2007 Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi French/Persian/English World Cinema, Drama
Persian Lessons 2020 Vadim Perelman War, Drama
Persian Version, The Maryam Keshavarz English and Farsi Drama, Comedy
Personal Shopper 2016 Olivier Assayas English Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Peterloo 2018 Mike Leigh English History, War, Drama
Phantom of the Open, The 2022 Craig Roberts English Sports, Drama, Comedy
Phoenix Incident 2015 Keith Arem English Thriller, Sci-Fi
Photograph 2019 Ritesh Batra Hindi, English Drama, Romance
Pianist, The 2002 Roman Polanski History, Drama
Picture Day 2012 Kate Melville English Drama, Comedy
Piggy 2021 Carlota Pereda Spanish Horror, Thriller, Drama
Pink String and Sealing Wax 1946 Robert Hamer Drama
Playboy of the Western World 1970 Brian-Desmond Hurst Comedy
Please Give 2009 Nicole Holofcener English Drama
Please Turn Over 1960 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Pompéi 2020 Anna Falguères, John Shank French Drama
Pool of London 1951 Basil Dearden Crime
Pop Gear 1965 Frederic Goode Musical
Populaire 2012 Regis Roinsard French Sports, Romance, Comedy
Portrait, The Simon Ross English Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Pot Carriers, The 1962 Peter Graham Scott Drama
Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw 1988 Pierre Decelles Children, Animation
Pour l'amour de Dieu 2011 Micheline Lanctôt French Canadian, Drama
Preggoland 2014 Jacob Tierney English Drama, Comedy
Prince 2015 Sam de Jong
Princess Grace 2014 Olivier Dahan English, French Drama, Romance, Biography
Prisoners of the Ghostland 2021 Sion Sono English Thriller, Action
Private's Progress 1956 John Boulting Comedy
Professor, The (FKA Richard Says Goodbye) 2018 Wayne Roberts English Drama, Comedy
Project Legion
Project Nim 2011 James Marsh English Documentary
Promised Land, The 2023 Nikolaj Arcel Danish
Prophet, A 2009 Jacques Audiard French Drama
Proud Valley, The 1940 Pen Tennyson Drama
Public, The 2018 Emilio Estevez English Drama
Punisher, The 1989 Mark Goldblatt Adventure, Action
Pure Grit 2022 Kim Bartley Documentary
Pure Hell of St Trinian's, The 1961 Frank Launder Comedy
Puzzle 2018 Marc Turtletaub English Drama
Quake, The 2018 John Andreas Andersen Norwegian Thriller, Drama, Action
Queen of Spades, The 1949 Thorold Dickinson Drama
Quest of Alain Ducasse, The 2018 Gilles de Maistre French Documentary
Question of Faith, A 2017 Kevan Otto English Drama
Quiet, The 2005 Jamie Babbit English Drama
Quinceanera 2006 Wash Westmoreland, Richard Glatzer English & Spanish GLBT, Drama
RBG 2018 Julie Cohen, Betsy West English Documentary
Race to Win 2016 Teddy Smith English Drama, Family
Racer And The Jailbird, The 2017 Michaël R. Roskam French Drama, Crime
Rachel Getting Married 2008 Jonathan Demme English Comedy
Raging Moon, The 1971 Bryan Forbes Drama
Railway Children, The 1970 Lionel Jeffries Drama, Family
Rainbow Jacket, The 1954 Basil Dearden Drama
Raise Hell: The Life & Times Of Molly Ivins 2019 Janice Engel English Documentary
Raising the Wind 1961 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Rambo Cartoon 1986 Michael Hack Adventure, Action, Animation
Rambo III 1988 Peter Mcdonald English Adventure, War, Action
Rambo: First Blood Part II 1985 George Pan Cosmatos Adventure, Action
Rams 2014 Grímur Hákonarson Icelandic Drama
Ran 1985 Akira Kurosawa Adventure, History, Action
Rançon de la gloire, La 2014 Xavier Beauvois French, English Drama, Comedy
Raze 2013 Josh C. Waller English Horror, Drama, Action
Rebel in the Rye 2017 Danny Strong English Drama, Biography
Rebel, The 1961 Robert Day Comedy
Rebelle 2012 Kim Nguyen French Canadian, Drama
Red Army 2014 Gabe Polsky English, Russian History, Documentary, Biography
Red Dog 2011 Kriv Stenders English
Red Dog: True Blue 2016 Kriv Stenders English Drama, Romance, Comedy, Family
Red Heat 1988 Walter Hill Adventure, Crime, Action
Red Joan 2018 Trevor Nunn English History, Thriller, Drama, Biography
Red Right Hand
Red Rocket 2021 Sean Baker English Drama, Comedy
Redbelt 2008 David Mamet English Drama
Reflecting Skin, The 1990 Philip Ridley English Horror, Thriller, Drama
Regie Stickers
Rehearsal, The 2016 Alison Maclean English Drama
Reign of Terror 1949 Anthony Mann Adventure, History, Action
Renegades Daniel Zirilli English Thriller, Crime, Action
Renoir 2012 Gilles Bourdos French History, Drama, Romance, Biography
Repeater 2022 R. Ellis Frazier English Action
Requin, The 2021 Le-Van Kiet English Thriller
Rescue, The E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin
Restless 2011 Gus Van Sant English Drama
Resurrection of Gavin Stone, The 2017 Dallas Jenkins English Drama, Comedy, Family
Resurrection, A 2013 Matt Orlando English Horror, Thriller
Retaliation 2017 Ludwig Shammasian, Paul Shammasian English Drama
Return of Tanya Tucker - Featuring Brandi Carlile, The 2021 Kathlyn Horan English
Return of the Musketeers, The 1989 Richard Lester English Adventure, Action
Return to Seoul 2021 Davy Chou Korean Drama
Revenge 2018 Coralie Fargeat English & French Thriller, Action
Revolt 2017 Joe Miale English Action, Sci-Fi
Rich and Strange 1931 Alfred Hitchcock Adventure, Action, Romance
Ride Like a Girl 2020 Rachel Griffiths English Sports, Drama, Family, Biography
Ride the Eagle
Rider, The 2017 Chloé Zhao English Drama
Riders of Justice Anders Thomas Jensen Danish Comedy
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles 2005 Zang Yimou Mandarin/Japanese World Cinema, Drama
Riding Giants 2004 Stacy Peralta English Documentary
Ring, The 1927 Alfred Hitchcock Drama
Risk 2016 Laura Poitras English/Arabic Documentary
Ritournelle, La 2014 Marc Fitoussi French Comedy
Robot Overlords 2014 Jon Wright English Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi
Rogue Warfare 2019 Mike Gunther English Action
Roméo Onze 2011 Ivan Grbovic French, Arabic Canadian, Drama
Rough Magic 1995 Clare Peploe Adventure, Action, Comedy
Roxanne, Roxanne 2017 Michael Larnell English Drama, Biography
Royal Affair, A 2012 Nikolaj Arcel English, Danish, German History, Drama, Romance
Ruben Brandt, Collector 2018 Milorad Krstic English Drama, Crime, Animation
Rudo y Cursi 2009 Carlos Cuarón Spanish with English subtitles Comedy
Run 2020 Aneesh Chaganty English Thriller
Run for Your Money, A 1949 Charles Frend Comedy
Runner, The 2021 Michelle Danner English Thriller
Rust and Bone 2012 Jacques Audiard French, English Drama
Ruthless 2023 Art Camacho English Thriller, Action
S.O.P. Standard Operating Procedure 2008 Errol Morris English Documentary
S.O.S. Titanic 1980 William Hale Drama
Sabah 2005 Ruba Nadda English Canadian, Drama
Saint Laurent 2014 Bertrand Bonello French Drama, Romance, Biography
Salauds, Les (Bastards) 2013 Claire Denis French, English Drama, Romance
Salt of the Earth 2014 Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado English, French, Portuguese Documentary
Salvatore, Shoemaker of Dreams 2021 Luca Guadagnino Italian, English Documentary
Same Kind of Different as Me Drama
Samson 2018 Bruce Macdonald, Gabriel Sabloff English Drama, Action
San Demetrio, London 1944 Charles Frend Adventure, War, Drama, Action
Sanctuary 2022 Zachary Wigon English Thriller, Drama
Santa Claus: The Movie 1985 Jeannot Szwarc Comedy, Family
Saraband 2003 Ingmar Bergman Swedish/English/German World Cinema, Drama
Saraband for Dead Lovers 1948 Basil Dearden Adventure, Drama, Action
Saved By the Light 1995 Lewis Teague Drama
Saving Face 2004 Alice Wu English/Chinese (Mandarin) GLBT, Drama, Comedy
Scandalous 2019 Mark Landsman English Documentary
School for Scoundrels 1960 Robert Hamer Comedy
Science Fair 2018 Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster English Documentary
Score: A Hockey Musical 2010 Michael McGowan English Sports, Comedy, Musical
Scott of the Antarctic 1949 Charles Frend Adventure, Drama, Action
Screener Storage
Seagull, The 2017 Michael Mayer English Drama
Searching for Sugar Man 2012 Malik Bendjelloul English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Biography
Secret Ballot 2001 Babak Payami Farsi (Persian) World Cinema, Comedy
Secret People 1952 Thorold Dickinson Drama
Secret in their Eyes, The 2009 Juan José Campanella Spanish Drama
Seduction, The 1982 David Schmoeller Drama
Self Driver
Selfish Giant, The 2013 Clio Barnard English Drama
Separation, A 2011 Asghar Farhadi Persian World Cinema, Drama
Servant, The 1963 Joseph Losey Drama
Seven Days to Noon 1950 John Boulting, Roy Boulting Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Seymour: An Introduction 2014 Ethan Hawke English Documentary
Shadow Dancer 2012 James Marsh English Thriller, Drama
Shadow Master 2022 Pearry Reginald Teo English Action
Shadow of Violence, The (fka Calm With Horses) 2020 Nick Rowland English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Shanghai Triad 1994 Yi-Mou Zhang Drama, Comedy, Musical
Shattered Dreams 1990 Robert Iscove Drama
Shayda 2023 Noora Niasari Persian/English
She Hate Me 2004 Spike Lee English GLBT, Drama, Comedy
Shepherd 2021 Russell Owen English Horror, Thriller
Ship That Died of Shame, The 1955 Basil Dearden Drama, Crime
Ships With Wings 1941 Sergei Nolbandov War
Shoplifters 2018 Hirokazu Kore-eda Japanese Drama, Crime
Shortcomings 2023 Randall Park Comedy
Shrapnel 2023 William Kaufman English Thriller, Action
Siberia 2018 Matthew Ross English, Russian Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action, Romance
Siege of Robin Hood 2022 Paul Allica English Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Siege, The 2022 Brad Watson English Action
Signes Vitaux, les 2009 Sophie Deraspe French Drama
Silencing, The 2019 Robin Pront English Thriller, Crime, Action
Simulant 2022 April Mullen English Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
Singularity 2017 Robert Kouba English Thriller, Sci-Fi
Six Minutes to Midnight 2020 Andy Goddard Drama
Skate Kitchen 2018 Crystal Moselle English Drama
Skin Game, The 1931 Alfred Hitchcock Drama, Mystery
Skin I Live In, The 2011 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish Horror, Thriller, Drama
Skiptrace 2016 Renny Harlin English Action, Comedy
Slash/Back 2020 Nyla Innuksuk Horror
Slay the Dragon 2019 Chris Durrance & Barak Goodman English Documentary
Sleep 2023 Jason Yu Korean
Sleuth 2007 Kenneth Branagh English Drama, Comedy
Small Town Crime 2017 Eshom Nelms, Ian Nelms English Thriller
Smallest Show on Earth, The 1957 Basil Dearden Comedy
Smashed 2012 James Ponsoldt English Drama
Smoking Causes Coughing 2022 Quentin Dupieux French Comedy
Snowman 2014 Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello English Adventure, Action, Documentary
So Cold the River 2021 Paul Shoulberg English Horror, Thriller
So Much Tenderness 2022 Lina Rodgriguez English/Spanish
Soldier Blue 1970 Ralph Nelson Western
Some Kind of Madness History, Horror, Action
Somebody to Love 1995 Alexandre Rockwell Drama, Comedy
Son of Saul 2015 László Nemes Hungarian History, Thriller, Drama
Son of a Gun 2014 Julius Avery English Adventure, Drama, Crime, Action, Family
Soul Power 2009 Jeffrey Levy-Hinte English Documentary
Sound Barrier, The 1952 David Lean Adventure, Drama, Action, Comedy
Souvenir, The 2019 Joanna Hogg English Drama, Romance, Mystery
Spare Parts 2015 Sean McNamara English Drama
Spare Parts (2003) 2003 Damjan Kozole Slovenian World Cinema, Drama
Speaking of Sex 2001 John Mcnaughton Comedy
Speed Kills 2018 Jodi Scurfield, John Luessenhop English Thriller, Crime, Action
Spiral: From the Book of Saw Darren Lynn Bousman
Spring and Port Wine 1970 Peter Hammond Comedy
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...And Spring 2003 Ki-duk Kim Korean World Cinema, Drama
Standoff 2015 Adam Alleca English Thriller, Drama
Status Update 2018 Scott Speer English Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Steep 2007 Mark Obenhaus English Documentary
Steptoe and Son 1972 Cliff Owen Comedy
Steptoe and Son Ride Again 1973 Peter Sykes Comedy
Still Alice 2014 Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland English Drama
Still Mine 2012 Michael McGowan English Canadian, Drama
Stones And Brian Jones, The 2023 Nick Broomfield English
Stories We Tell 2012 Sarah Polley English Documentary
Story of Gilbert and Sullivan, The 1953 Sidney Gilliat Drama, Comedy, Musical
Straight Story, The 1999 David Lynch Drama
Strange Way of Life Pedro Almodovar English GLBT, Western
Stray 2020 Elizabeth Lo Turkish, English Documentary
Sugar 2008 Anna Boden , Ryan Fleck English Drama
Summer Holiday 1963 Peter Yates Romance, Musical
Summer of 84 2018 François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell English Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Sun Children 2020 Majid Majidi Persian GLBT, Drama
Sunday Horse, A 2015 Vic Armstrong English Sports, Drama, Family
Sunset 2018 László Nemes Hungarian Drama, Mystery
Sunshine State 2002 John Sayles English Drama
Supercell 2022 Herbert James Winterstern English Adventure, Thriller, Action
Supernova 2020 Harry Macqueen English Drama, Romance
Superstar 2012 Xavier Giannoli French Drama
Support The Girls 2018 Andrew Bujalski English Comedy
Survivalist, The 2015 Stephen Fingleton English Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi
Swallows and Amazons 1974 Claude Whatham Children, Drama
Swan Song 2020 Todd Stephens English Drama, Comedy
Sweeney 2 1978 Tom Clegg Adventure, Crime, Action
Sweeney! 1977 David Wickes Adventure, Crime, Action
System Content Record
System Content Record
System Content Record
Take Every Wave 2017 Rory Kennedy English Sports, Documentary
Take Shelter 2011 Jeff Nichols English Horror, Thriller, Drama
Take the Night 2021 Seth McTigue Thriller
Take this Waltz 2011 Sarah Polley English Drama, Comedy
Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai 2008 Alan Dater, Lisa Merton English Environment, Documentary
Tale, The 2017 Jennifer Fox English Drama
Tales of Beatrix Potter 1971 Reginald Mills Children, Musical
Tales of Hoffmann, The 1951 Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell Comedy, Musical
Talk to Her 2002 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish (Castilian) World Cinema, Drama
Tamara Drewe 2010 Stephen Frears English Drama
Taste of Things, The 2023 Tran Anh Hung French Drama
Teachers' Lounge, The 2023 İlker Çatak German
Tempest Storm 2016 Nimisha Mukerji English Documentary
Temps des secrets Christophe Barratier Français Children, Family
Tender Mercies 1983 Bruce Beresford Drama
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 James Cameron English Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi
Terre est ronde, La (Round Is the Earth) 2014 Paul Barbeau French
Testament of Youth 2014 James Kent English History, Drama, Biography
That's Carry On 1977 Gerald Thomas Comedy
The Command (FKA Hostile Waters FKA Kursk) 2018 Thomas Vinterberg English History, Thriller, Drama, Action
The Delinquents 2023 Rodrigo Moreno Spanish Drama, Comedy
The House That Jack Built 2018 Lars von Trier English Horror, Thriller, Drama
The Legion
The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts The Tonight Show 2020 Yoruba Richen Documentary
The Traitor 2019 Marco Bellocchio Italian Drama, Crime, Biography
The Tunnel 2020 Pål Øie Norwegian Thriller
Therapy Dogs 2022 Ethan Eng English Drama
There Are No Fakes 2019 Jamie Kastner English Documentary
There There 2022 Andrew Bujalski English
These Final Hours 2013 Zak Hilditch English Thriller, Drama
They Shot the Piano Player 2023 Fernando Treuba , Javier Mariscal
They Who Dare 1954 Lewis Milestone War, Drama
They Who Surround Us 2021 Troy Ruptash English
Third Man, The 1949 Carol Reed English Crime, Mystery
Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The 2005 Tommy Lee Jones English Drama
Three Hats for Lisa 1965 Sidney Hayers Musical
Three Identical Strangers 2018 Tim Wardle English Documentary
Three Musketeers, The 1973 Richard Lester Adventure, Action
Thumbsucker 2005 Mike Mills English Drama, Comedy
Thérèse Desqueyroux 2012 Claude Miller French Drama
Till Death Us Do Part 1969 Norman Cohen Comedy
Tim's Vermeer 2013 Teller Dutch, English Documentary
Time Lapse 2014 Bradley King English Thriller, Sci-Fi
Time Out of Mind 2014 Oren Moverman English Drama
Times Square 1981 Allan Moyle Drama, Musical
Titfield Thunderbolt, The 1953 Charles Crichton Comedy
To Kill a Tiger
To Rome With Love 2012 Woody Allen English, Italian Romance, Comedy
Together 2020 Stephen Daldry Drama
Toll, The 2020 Michael Nader English Thriller
Tommy Steele Story, The 1957 Gerard Bryant Drama, Musical
Tone-Deaf 2019 Richard Bates Jr. English Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Toni Erdmann 2016 Maren Ade German, English Drama, Comedy
Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am 2019 Timothy Greenfield-Sanders English Documentary
Total Recall 1990 Paul Verhoeven English Adventure, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
Touch and Go 1955 Michael Truman Comedy
Touch of Love, A 1969 Waris Hussein Drama
Touch of Pink 2004 Ian Iqbal Rashid English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Tracks 2013 John Curran English Adventure, Drama, Action, Biography
Trading Paint 2019 Karzan Kader English Action
Transfusion 2022 English Action
Traxx 1988 Jerome Gary Comedy
Trent's Last Case 1953 Herbert Wilcox Crime
Tribe Called Love, A
Tribes of Palos Verdes, The 2017 Brendan Malloy, Emmett Malloy English Drama
Trick or Treat 1986 Charles Martin Smith Fantasy
Tripped Up 2023 Shruti Ganguly English Comedy
Trishna 2011 Michael Winterbottom English Drama
Truffle Hunters, The 2020 Michael Dweck & Gregory Kershaw Italian Documentary
Trust, The 2016 Alex Brewer, Benjamin Brewer English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Turn Every Page - The Adventures Of Robert Caro And Robert Gottlieb 2022 Lizzie Gottlieb English Documentary
Twist 2021 Martin Owen English Drama, Action
Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell, The 2010 Sérgio Machado Comedy
Two Way Stretch 1960 Robert Day Crime, Comedy
Two of Us 2020 Filippo Meneghetti Drama
Tyrel 2018 Sebastián Silva English Drama
Tyson 2008 James Toback English Documentary
U-Carmen 2005 Mark Dornford-May Xhosa World Cinema, Drama
USS Indianapolis 2016 Mario Van Peebles English War, Action
Ultrasound 2021 Rob Schroeder English Sci-Fi
Un été en Provence 2014 Roselyne Bosch French Drama, Romance
Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, The 2021 Tom Gormican English Comedy
Unbranded 2015 Phillip Baribeau English Documentary
Unbreakable Boy, The
Unbroken: Path to Redemption Drama
Under Capricorn 1949 Alfred Hitchcock History, Drama, Crime
Under the Silver Lake 2018 David Robert Mitchell English Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery
Under the Skin (1997) 1997 Carine Adler English Drama
Under the Skin (2013) 2013 Jonathan Glazer English Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi
Under the Tree 2018 Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson Icelandic Drama, Comedy
Undercover 1943 Sergei Nolbandov War, Drama
Unearthly Stranger 1963 John Krish Sci-Fi
Universal Soldier 1992 Roland Emmerich Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi
Unless 2016 Alan Gilsenan English Drama
Unthinkable, The 2019 Victor Danell Swedish Thriller, Drama, Action
Up & Down 2004 Jan Hrebejk Czech/English/German/Russian World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Up Pompeii 1971 Bob Kellett Comedy
Up the Chastity Belt 1971 Bob Kellett Comedy
Uvanga 2013 Madeline Piujuq Ivalu, Marie-Hélène Cousineau English Drama
V/H/S Viral 2014 Aaron Moorhead, Gregg Bishop, Marcel Sarmiento, Justin Benson, Todd Lincoln, Nacho Vigalondo English Horror, Thriller
Va Savoir (Who Knows?) 2001 Jaques Rivette French World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Vacances du Petit Nicolas, Les 2014 Laurent Tirard French Comedy, Family
Vagrant 2020 Caleb Ryan Drama
Vanishing, The 2018 Kirstoffer Nyholm English Thriller
Very Annie Mary 2000 Sara Sugarman English Comedy, Musical
Very Best of Peter Sellers Documentary, Comedy
Very Good Girls 2013 Naomi Foner English Drama, Romance
Vice Squad 1982 Gary A. Sherman Crime
Victoria 2015 Sebastian Schipper German/Turkish/English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Vieille Maîtresse, Une (Last Mistress, The) 2007 Catherine Breillat French World Cinema, Drama, Romance
Vigilante, A 2018 Sarah Daggar-Nickson English Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery
Viking Destiny 2018 David L.G. Hughes English Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Vincent N Roxxy 2016 Gary Michael Schultz English Thriller, Drama, Crime
Violette 2013 Martin Provost French Drama, Romance, Biography
Visiteurs du soir, Les 1942 Marcel Carné French Drama
Vita & Virginia 2019 Chanya Button English Drama, Romance, Biography
Vitus 2006 Fredi M. Murer Swiss/German/English World Cinema, Drama
Viva 2015 Paddy Breathnach Spanish Drama
Vivarium 2019 Lorcan Finnegan English Sci-Fi
Volver 2006 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish (Castilian) World Cinema, Drama, Comedy
Wackness, The 2008 Jonathan Levine English Drama, Comedy
Wadjda 2012 Haifaa Al-Mansour Arabic Drama
Wakefield 2016 Robin Swicord English Drama
Walk All Over Me 2007 Robert Cuffley English Canadian, Drama, Comedy
Walking Out 2017 Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith English Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Walking to Paris Peter Greenaway English Adventure, Drama, Biography
Wanted: Dead or Alive, Seasons 1-3 [Black & White] 1958 Tony Kraber Adventure, Action, Western
Wanted: Dead or Alive, Seasons 1-3 [Colorized] 1958 Tony Kraber Adventure, Action, Western
Warhunt 2021 Mauro Borrelli English Action
Warriors of Heaven & Earth 2004 Ping He Chinese (Mandarin) World Cinema, Drama
Watch Your Stern 1960 Gerald Thomas Comedy
Water 2005 Deepa Mehta Hindi World Cinema, Canadian, Drama
Waterlife - Cancelled 2009 Kevin McMahon English Documentary
Watermark 2013 Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal English Environment, Documentary
Wave, The 2015 Roar Uthaug Norwegian Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Action
Way, The 2010 Emilio Estevez English Adventure, Drama, Comedy
We Are X 2016 Stephen Kijak English Documentary
We Summon the Darkness 2020 Marc Meyers English Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Wedding Guest, The 2014 Andrew Fleming English Drama, Romance, Comedy
Weight of Water, The 2000 Kathryn Bigelow Thriller
Went the Day Well 1942 Alberto Cavalcanti War
West of Memphis 2012 Amy Berg English Crime, Documentary
West of Zanzibar 1954 Harry Watt Adventure, Drama, Action
What Keeps You Alive 2018 Colin Minihan English Horror, Thriller
What Maisie Knew 2012 David Siegel, Scott McGehee English Drama
What We Have 2014 Maxime Desmons French, English Drama
What You Wish For
What's Love Got to do with It 2022 Shekhar Kapur English Romance, Comedy
When Animals Dream 2014 Jonas Alexander Arnby Danish Horror, Drama, Mystery
When Did you Last See Your Father? 2007 Anand Tucker English Drama
When Life Was Good 2008 Terry Miles English Drama, Comedy
When No One Would Listen 1992 Armand Mastroianni Drama
Where Is Parsifal? 1984 Henri Helman Comedy
Where is Rocky II? 2016 Pierre Bismuth English Documentary
Where to Invade Next 2015 Michael Moore English Documentary
Where's My Roy Cohn? 2019 Matt Tyrnauer English Documentary
Whiplash 2014 Damien Chazelle English Music & Live Performance, Drama
Whisky Galore! 1949 Alexander Mckendrick Comedy
Whistlers, The 2020 Corneliu Porumboiu Romanian Thriller, Drama, Crime, Comedy
White Countess, The 2005 James Ivory English Drama
White Crow, The 2018 Ralph Fiennes Russian, English Drama, Biography
White Ribbon 2009 Michael Haneke German Drama
Who Done It? 1956 Basil Dearden Comedy
Who Killed The Electric Car? 2006 Chris Paine English Environment, Documentary
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America 2021 Jeffery Robinson Documentary
Whole Truth, The 2016 Courtney Hunt English Thriller, Drama
Wicked Little Letters
Wicker Man, The 1973 Robin Hardy Horror, Thriller
Wiener-Dog 2016 Todd Solondz English Drama, Comedy
Wife, The 2017 Bjorn Runge English Drama
Wilby Wonderful 2004 Daniel MacIvor English Canadian, Comedy
Wild Dogs, The 2002 Thom Fitzgerald English Canadian, Drama
Wild Tales 2014 Damián Szifron Spanish Thriller, Drama, Comedy
Wilde Wedding, The 2017 Damian Harris English Comedy
Wildhood Bretten Hannam English Drama
Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Case 1992 David Greene Drama
Wind, The 2018 Emma Tammi English Horror, Western
Window Horses 2016 Ann Marie Fleming English Adventure, Drama, Animation
Winged Migration 2001 Jaques Perrin French World Cinema, Environment, Documentary
Winslow Boy, The 1948 Anthony Asquith Drama
Winter Sleep 2014 Nuri Bilge Ceylan Turkish Drama
Winter in Wartime 2010 Martin Koolhoven Dutch/German Drama
Winter's Journey, A
Witching and Bitching 2013 Álex de la Iglesia Spanish Horror, Fantasy, Action, Comedy
Woman At War 2018 Benedikt Erlingsson Icelandic Drama, Comedy
Woman Times Seven 1967 Vittorio De Sica Comedy
Woman in a Dressing Gown, The 1957 Jack Lee, Jack Lee-Thompson Drama, Comedy
Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop, A 2010 Zhang Yimou Mandarin Comedy
Wonder Wheel 2017 Woody Allen English Drama
Wonderful Life 1964 Sidney J. Furie Romance, Musical
Wooden Horse, The 1950 Jack Lee Adventure, War, Action
Woodlawn 2015 Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin English Drama
Wrinkles the Clown 2019 Michael Beach Nichols English Horror, Documentary, Comedy
Wrong Turn 2020 Mike P. Nelson Horror
Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, The 2011 Tara Johns English Drama, Comedy
Yes 2004 Sally Potter English World Cinema, Drama
Yeux jaunes du crocodile, Les 2014 Cécile Telerman French Drama
You Are Not My Mother 2021 Kate Dolan English Horror, Drama
You Can Live Forever 2022 Sarah Watts, Mark Slutsky English Drama
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger 2010 Woody Allen English Comedy
Young & Beautiful 2013 Francois Ozon French Drama
Young Adam 2003 David Mackenzie English Drama
Young Ones, The 1962 Sidney J. Furie Musical
Young Wives' Tale 1951 Henry Cass Comedy
Your Sister's Sister 2011 Lynn Shelton English Drama, Comedy
Youth Without Youth 2007 Francis Ford Coppola English World Cinema, Drama
Zappa 2020 Alex Winter English Documentary
Zelary 2003 Ondrej Trojan Czech/Russian/German World Cinema, Drama
Zero Theorem, The 2013 Terry Gilliam English Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Zhou Yu's Train 2002 Zhou Sun Chinese (Mandarin) World Cinema, Drama
z 2015 Ira Sachs Drama