Black Book

A FILM BY Paul Verhoeven

An ambitious throwback to the days of rousing all-action wartime pictures in which an intrepid loner risks everything to fight a clearly defined enemy. It succeeds on almost all fronts.
Stylish, sexy and violent World War Two espionage adventure.
... one of the most emotionally colourful and profoundly human examinations of war in quite some time.
-Katherine Monk, VANCOUVER SUN


When the hiding place of the beautiful Jewish singer Rachel Steinn is destroyed by a stray bomb, she decides with a group of other Jews to cross the Biesbosch to the already liberated south of the Netherlands. However, their boat is intercepted by a German patrol and all the refugees are massacred. Only Rachel survives. She joins the resistance, and under the alias Ellis de Vries manages to get friendly with the German SD officer Müntze. He is very taken with her and offers her a job. Meanwhile, the resistance devise a plan to free a group of imprisoned resistance fighters with Ellis' help. The plan is betrayed and fails miserably. Both the Resistance and the Germans blame her. She goes into hiding once more, with Müntze in tow. Together they wait for the war to end. Liberation does not bring Ellis freedom; not even when she manages to expose the real traitor. Every survivor is guilty in some way.

Theatrical Release Date

Friday, April 27, 2007
Original Languages: Dutch/German/English/Hebrew
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 145 min.
Year: 2006


Carice van Houten
Halina Reijn
Sebastian Koch
Thom Hoffman
Waldemar Kobus
Paul Verhoeven