Un été en Provence

A FILM BY Roselyne Bosch

Jean Reno est encore une fois excellent.
-Journal La Marne
Comédie familiale touchante au cœur des oliviers.


Vacation this year for Léa, Adrien and their little brother Theo, who was born deaf, is in Provence, staying with grandfather Paul, an olive-grower they have never met due to a family conflict. It's hardly their dream vacation, and is made worse the day before they leave by their father telling them he is moving out. Within twenty-four hours, there is bad blood between the teens and their grandfather, whom they consider an uptight control freak. Wrongly. Paul's stormy past resurfaces and the seventies make a comeback against the backdrop of the Alpilles hills. In the course of a turbulent summer, the two generations transform each other.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 105 min
Year: 2013


Anna Galiena
Charlotte de Turckheim
Chloé Jouannet
Hugues Aufray
Jean Reno
Jérôme Care Aulanie
Roselyne Bosch



Jean Reno. Courtesy of Gaumont.
Jean Reno and Lukas Pelissier. Courtesy of Gaumont.
Chloé Jouannet and Hugo Dessioux. Courtesy of Gaumont.