A FILM BY Cate Shortland

A beguiling and tender story of personal transformation and courage.
-Duayne Byrge, Hollywood Reporter
A visually haunting story of sex, guilt, love, relationships and the confusion these forces can cause.
-Australian Music Online
Somersault is a movie about the looks on peoples faces and the disparity between the surface and the roiling chaos beneath.
-Stephen Holden, New York Times
Taking the lid off teen life, Cate Shortland reveals the poetry beneath the angst.
-Michael Fitzgerald, Time South Pacific


After making a misjudged advance towards her mother’s boyfriend, 16-year-old Heidi flees her home for the small Australian ski town of Jindabyne and starts a new life for herself. But when she falls for the son of a wealthy local farmer, her self-destructive tendencies resurface and her fragile new world threatens to come tumbling down. An erotic, lyrical depiction of a young woman’s sexual awakening.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 106 min.
Year: 2004


Abbie Cornish
Damian de Montemas
Cate Shortland


Abbie Cornish as Heidi
Director Cate Shortland
Abbie Cornish as Heidi
Nathaniel dean as Stuart
Abbie Cornish as Heidi