Sicilienne, la

A FILM BY Marco Amenta

It's gritty and dramatic but classy and finally almost transcendent... a fitting tribute to a brave woman.
-Peter Calder, NZ HERALD
Potent, yet understated, tightly crafted first feature film.
The mafia lifestyle of the period is powerfully portrayed.
-Mark Lavercombe, HOOPLA


The Sicilian Girl is inspired by the true story of Rita Atria, a 17-year-old girl who suffers the loss of her father and brother, slain members of the Cosa Nostra in Sicily. Unwilling to grieve in silence, Rita collaborates with anti-Mafia police investigators to bring her family’s murderers to justice. But in order to honour her family, she must betray another – putting herself, and anyone willing to help her, in grave danger.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: Italian
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 115 min.
Year: 2007


Marco Amenta