Rites of Spring

A FILM BY Padraig Reynolds

‘Rites of Spring,’...not only proves that the two genres can work well together, they also don’t need a tremendous budget in order to tell a compelling story.
-Karen Benardello, Shockya.com
Helmer-writer Padraig Reynolds creates a dizzying pastiche of genre conventions, and he has a terrific actress in Anessa Ramsey, who’s that rare thing in horror, a thoroughly convincing victim.
-John Anderson, Variety


A group of kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy socialite and hide out in an abandoned school on the edge of town. But feelings of guilt soon divide the group and put their entire plan in jeopardy. The evening spirals out of control when their hideout becomes a hunting ground for a mysterious creature seeking its springtime sacrifices.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 90 min.
Year: 2011


AJ Bowen
Anessa Ramsey
Katherine Randolph
Padraig Reynolds


From left to right: Amy (Katherine Randolph), Paul (Sonny Marinelli)