Adult World


Vibrators and confessional poetry collide in this sexy comedy about an aspiring writer cum sex toy shop clerk and her crusty literary idol (John Cusack). Amy (Emma Roberts) is a naïve, awkward aspiring poet in a post-grad existence that is going nowhere. Living with her parents in a bland upstate New York town, certain of her yet-to-be-acknowledged literary greatness and desperate for income, she begrudgingly accepts a job at Adult World, the local sex shop owned by a frisky elderly couple (including a wonderful Cloris Leachman) and staffed by diva transvestite Rubio and adorable local boy Alex. Amy balances her work amongst the pornography and sex toys by fiercely pursuing a surefire kick start for her success: a mentorship with reclusive, crusty and alcoholic writer Rat Billings, played by a bitterly funny John Cusack.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 97 min
Year: 2013


Armando Riesco
Chriss Riggi
Emma Roberts
Evan Peters
John Cusack
Shannon Woodward
Scott Coffey



Emma Roberts. Courtesy of IFC.
Evan Peters. Courtesy of IFC.
John Cusack. Courtesy of IFC.
Emma Roberts. Courtesy of IFC.