Benzina / Gasoline

A FILM BY Monica Stambrini

...the lusty lovers are lovely... in the great Hitchcock tradition... a notable debut for director Monica Stambrini.
-Kim Linkein,EYE WEEKLY
Tautly acted... sexy and atmospheric.
-Stephen Holden,NEW YORK TIMES
Stambrini and her cinematographer, Fabio Cianchetti, give the proceedings a high-tech, energetic look that keeps the thrill and entertainment levels high.


Benzina is the tenderly dramatic story of two young girls not much over twenty. The story evolves around Stella and Eleonora (nicknamed Lenni), a petrol pump, a snobby, super-bourgeois mother hovering threateningly over Lenni’s life, the two girls’ love affair and their desire to escape. Then, night time and an accident, or maybe a crime… the desperate escape, like an odyssey, with the cumbersome corpse of the mother to get rid of without being seen. Two opposing lives to escape from: Lenni, blonde hair, a conventional bourgeois life; Stella, black hair, a chaotic life and no family.

Release Date

Original Languages: Italian
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 85 min.
Year: 2001


Maya Sansa
Regina Orioli
Monica Stambrini