Under the Bed

A FILM BY Steven C. Miller

?Under the Bed? is an old school piece of fun, and comes highly recommended, particularly for horror devotees who spent too much of their childhoods during the 1980s watching films of its type.
-James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood


Two years ago Neal knew there was something under his bed but no one believed him. When he burned down the family home trying to kill it he was sent to live with relatives. Now he’s back, but his little brother Paul is being terrorized by the same monster. With no support from their parents the two brothers must band together to get rid of the creature, and their nightmares, once and for all.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Horror
Running Time: 87 min.
Year: 2012


Johnny Weston
Gattlin Griffith
Peter Holden
Steven C. Miller