Three Robbers, The (Les Trois Brigands)

Le film familial à voir de toute urgence
Un superbe dessin animé! Rythmé et inventif!
Chaque plan est un joyau de couleurs et de détails!


A young orphan girl named Tiffany has her life changed when her carriage is stopped by three robbers. Instead of returning to her overbearing “Auntie” at the orphanage, the charming and clever little girl convinces the robbers that her father is a wealthy king in India who will pay a healthy ransom for her safe return. Blinded by promises of gold, the bumbling robbers agree to take Tiffany captive - she even helps them write the ransom note! With a wonderfully witty script, dramatic design and bold use of colour, this film is a cinematic treat for audiences of all ages.

Theatrical Release Date

Friday, February 29, 2008
Original Languages: German
Genre: Comedy, World Cinema, Animation, Crime, Family
Running Time: 75 min.
Year: 2007


Joachim Król
Bela B.
Charley Hübner
Katharina Thalbach
Hayo Freitag