Journey to Armenia (Voyage en Armenie, Le)

A FILM BY Robert Guédiguian

Without angst or melodrama, director Robert Guédiguian has made a film that gives nationalism a good name.
-Susan Walker, TORONTO STAR
FOUR STARS ... rewarding drama-cum-travelogue...
Bouleversant. Un voyage dune grande beauté.
Sincère et humain. Cest avec plaisir que l on découvre l Arménie.
3 Étoiles et demi


The story centres on a father and his daughter. Barsam is ailing. Anna, a cardiologist, detects a problem with his heart and urges surgery. These two do not have the warmest of relationships, so it is perhaps no surprise that the stubborn patriarch refuses his daughter's advice. He disappears from France, back to Armenia. Anna, grappling with age-old issues - she feels her father ruined her mother's life - sets off in ill-tempered pursuit, helped by the irrepressible and equally irresponsible Yervanth, a family friend who acts as Anna's guide when she touches down in the land of her father. What ensues is classic: Anna does not know the country at all, does not speak its language and resents being forced into a place where she is not in control. Her search for her father drives the entire film. At the same time, through a series of tiny encounters and, most importantly, through the warmth of its inhabitants, Armenia gradually breaks down the resistance of this outsider.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 120 min.
Year: 2006


Ariane Ascaride
Gerard Meylan
Marcel Bluwal
Robert Guédiguian


Madeleine Guediguian as Jeanette (left), Ariane Ascaride as Anna (Centre) and Jean-Pierre Darroussin as Pierre (right).
Gerard Meylan as Yervanth.
Ariane Ascaride as Anna (left), and Roman Avinian as Manouk (right).
Ariane Ascaride as Anna.
Ariane Ascaride as Anna.