Domination Masculine, La

...there's much food for thought here.
-Brendan Kelly, The Gazette
Dénonce tous les stéréotypes sexuels encore à l'oeuvre dans les sociétés occidentales.
-La Presse
Un bilan de la guerre des sexes à la fois déroutant et drôle qui invite à la réflexion sur le chemin parcouru.
Drôle, provocateur et tragique! Livre une réflexion percutante dont on sort secoué.
-La Croix


In the starkness of reality, actions rarely adhere to ideals. We live in a society that deems the sexes to be equal, but is this how the gender dynamic functions in the 21st century? Are we charting towards equality, or are we on the brink of a return to the patriarchal ideals of past generations? Director Patric Jean sets out to reflect on these questions in "Male Domination", a candid look at the current state of sexual relationships in the modern world.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: French
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 103 min.
Year: 2009


Marc Abécassis
Mélissa Blais
Denis Bujold
Francine Descarnes
Francis Dupuis-Déri
Patric Jean



Patric Jean (Directeur)