I For India

Intimate and rewarding... almost unbearably moving.
-Justin Chang, VARIETY
Emotionally gripping... smartly crafted and affecting.
-Anthony Kauffman, INDIEWIRE
Cinematic... Compelling... A great documentary.
-Michael Ferraro, FILM THREAT


In 1965, Yash Pal Suri left India with his wife and daughter. Over the next 40 years, he used his Super 8 camera to send his family back home images of his new life in the U.K. while his relatives in India responded with their own "cine-letters" full of tales about village life. The result is a bittersweet time capsule of alienation, discovery, racism and belonging, and a chronicle of immigration in 1960s Britain and beyond, seen through the eyes of one Asian family and their movie camera.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Documentary, World Cinema
Running Time: 70 min.
Year: 2005


Sandhya Suri