Speaking of Sex

A FILM BY John Mcnaughton


Dan and Melinda, a young couple from Boise, Idaho, seek help from a female marriage counselor, Dr Paige and a male depression expert -Dr Klink combining in unorthodox ways to solve their marital problems. While Dan "could" have screwed a waitress in his truck, he can't have decent erection with his wife. Referred to Dr Klink for "efficient" treatment, Melinda explains in great salacious detail her oral experiments at getting a rise out of "Mr. Happy" (the name Dan has given to his penis). The very depressed Dr Klink refuses to take her on as a patient but chases after and catches up to Melinda in the Elevator where they spontaneously engage in sex between floors. Now, her spirits lifted, Melinda candidly congratulates Dr Paige for Dr Klink's "method". Enraged by this breach of ethical conduct, Dr Paige gets attorney Connie Barker to sue Dr Klink for $ 30,000000, a figure so impressive that Dan and Melinda react as though they had won the Lottery. To counter attack, Dr Klink gets his in

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 97 mins.
Year: 2001


James Spader
Jay Mohr
Lara Flynn Boyle
John Mcnaughton