A FILM BY Michelle Ouellet


On the night of his brother's wedding, best man Charlie (Graham Coffeng) gets the old gang back together for a fun-filled, post reception after party, at the newlyweds' home, where he has been staying for several weeks. Unsure of how to proceed with his own troubled marriage, Charlie reunites "the fellas" fifteen years after high school, in hopes that revisiting the past will help him find clarity for the future. What he finds, however, is that while his friends have all taken different paths, they are all faced with similar conundrums that comes with being in one's thirties.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 85 min.
Year: 2013


Ali Liebert
David Milchard
Erica Carroll
Graham Coffeng
Nicholas Carella
Peter Benson
Michelle Ouellet



Ali Liebert (Tracy), Christina Sicoli (Moon), David Milchard (Dave),Emma Lahana (Hailey), Jodi Balfour (Karen), Graham Coffeng (Charlie), Peter Benson (Craig),Erica Carroll (Sephora), Nicholas Carella (on the ground, Bruce)Photo credit: Richard Amies
Ali Liebert (Tracy), Peter Benson (Craig), Emma Lahana (Hailey),Nicholas Carella (Bruce)Photo credit: Richard Amies
Jodi Balfour (Karen), Ali Liebert (Tracy), Christina Sicoli (Moon),Nicholas Carella (Bruce), Emma Lahana (Hailey), Peter Benson (Craig)Photo credit: Richard Amies.