Durian Durian

A FILM BY Fruit Chan


Durian Durian is an extension of the life of Fan, the illegal immigrant girl in Little Cheung. Fan strikes up a friendship with fellow immigrant Yan, the hardest working prostitute in town who must endure the harsh conditions of her job on one side of the border (HK) while she tries to turn her profits into a success on the other side of the border (China). One day, the pimp accompanying her gets his head smashed from behind in a random act of violence. The weapon is a strange, spiky fruit known as the "durian". The idealistic and naive views of Hong Kong that the girls share are destroyed by differences in culture, isolated existences, and limited choices. Fruit Chan was born in Canton, China in 1959. A graduate of the Hong Kong Film Centre, Fruit Chan's filmography includes: Finale in Blood (1991), Made in Hong Kong (1996), The Longest Summer (1998), Little Cheung (1999) and Durian Durian (2000).

Original Languages: Mandarin
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 117 min.
Year: 2000


Hailu Qin
Fruit Chan