All the Real Girls

A FILM BY David Gordon Green

It's a love story stripped of trite narrative conventions and made to feel searingly honest.
-Rick Groen, Globe and Mail
It's a movie of deft impressions and telling human moments.
-Desson Thomson, Washington Post of the most boldly original new voices in American moviemaking. If there is any room left for poetry in American movies, David Gordon Green is filling that space.
-Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star


All The Real Girls is set in a small North Carolina mill town where 22-year-old Paul has spent his entire life. He lives with his mom, works for his uncle and has a small group of lifelong friends (Tip, Bo and Bust Ass) who are rowdy, funny and loyal. Paul's girlfriends, however, are neither lifelong nor loyal; his charm has led to a string of broken hearts for which he feels little if any remorse. But Paul's easy going life and his attitudes about love and women change dramatically when he meets Noel, Tip's 18-year-old sister. Unlike Paul, Noel has spent most of her life away at boarding school but she has just graduated and returned home with no plans for the future. As the summer progresses, things go right, and then wrong, as both Paul and Noel discover that real love comes at a cost that sometimes is too high. But they also realize that their experience was a turning point for both of them and it will bind them together forever.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 108 min.
Year: 2003


Danny McBride
Shea Whigham
Zooey Deschanel
Paul Schneider
David Gordon Green