Yeux jaunes du crocodile, Les

A FILM BY Cécile Telerman

Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles s’appuie sur un script en béton et des acteurs inspirés.


When her chronically-unemployed husband runs off to start a crocodile farm in Kenya with his mistress, Joséphine Cortès is left in an unhappy state of affairs. The mother of two confident, beautiful teenage girls, Hortense and shy, babyish Zoé, is forced to maintain a stable family life while making ends meet on her meager salary as a medieval history scholar. Meanwhile, Joséphine’s charismatic sister Iris seems to have it all - a wealthy husband, gorgeous looks, and a très chic Paris address - but she dreams of bringing meaning back into her life. When Iris charms a famous publisher into offering her a lucrative deal for a twelfth-century romance, she offers her sister a deal of her own: Joséphine will write the novel and pocket all the proceeds, but the book will be published under Iris’s name. All is well - that is, until the book becomes the literary sensation of the season.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 123 min.
Year: 2014


Julie Depardieu
Emmanuelle Béart
Patrick Bruel
Jacques Weber
Karole Rocher
Cécile Telerman


Julie Depardieu,Patrick Bruel. Photo courtesy of Wild Bunch
Emmanuelle Béart. Photos courtesy of Wild Bunch.
Emmanuelle Béart, Patrick Bruel. Photo Courtesy of Wild Bunch.