L.A. Story

A FILM BY Mick Jackson

Goofy and sweet, L.A. Story constitutes Steve Martin’s satiric valentine to his hometown and a pretty funny comedy in the bargain.
It isn't thin or superficial; there is an abundance of observation and invention here
-Roger Ebert, Roger Ebert


Harris lives in Los Angeles and has had seven heart attacks. He is a weatherman on TV and talks a lot without saying anything. He is married to a beautiful and vain wife and believes he is happy although his life is passing him by. By chance fate intervenes in the form of an electronic display road sign on the highway. Harris notices it one moonless night when his car breaks downs mysteriously: the sign speaks to him and its messages give advice that will change the routine of his existence. First Harris leaves his wife who is sleeping with his agent. Now he is free to dine in French restaurants, go to hotels in Miami, visit museums on roller-skates and pursue the charmingly hysterical salesgirl of a ready-to-wear shop. But there is also Love with a capital L in the form of Sarah, an eccentric English girl who plays the tuba.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 95 mins.
Year: 1991


Richard E. Grant
Steve Martin
Victoria Tennant
Mick Jackson