Twisted Path of Love

A FILM BY Tatsumi Kumashiro


On the run after killing a member of a notorious Tokyo yakuza, Katsu finds himself returning to his hometown, a small fishing village he hasn’t seen in over five years. While he tries to keep his identity a secret, even from his own mother, he finds himself obsessed with Yuko, a surprisingly liberated woman and the owner of a local cinema. Unfortunately, Yuko is still involved with one of Katsu’s former classmates. A favorite of director Tatsumi Kumashiro, Twisted Path of Love contains stunning scenes of sexual liberation, including a masterful long take where the characters meet on sand dunes at dawn. It is one of the most famous examples of 70’s pinku cinema.

Original Languages: Japanese
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 76 min.
Year: 1973


Tatsumi Kumashiro