Rebels of the Neon God

A FILM BY Tsai Ming-Liang


Set amidst the urban jungle of Taipei, Rebels of the Neon God is a stylish tale of teen angst and despair. Centering on four disaffected, disillusioned youth, the story shuttles between the deadpan, petty con games of two Taipei hoods, a young woman who works at a roller rink, and the sullen, lost Hsiao-Kang - a cab driver's son who's being rigorously pressured to study by his parents. Tsai Ming-liang "captures the strange radiance of cheap hotels, video parlours and neon-lit streets" of Taipei (David Overbey, Toronto International Film Festival). Rebels of the Neon God is a keenly observed look at despondent youth whose lives are confined by a relentless, alienating city.

Original Languages: Cantonese
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 106 min.
Year: 1992


Chao-jung Chen
Kang-sheng Lee
Tsai Ming-Liang