Ex Drummer

bizarre, horribly violent and frequently brilliant""""
-Peter Bradshaw, THE GUARDIAN
Squalid, misanthropic, pornographic, grotesque ? this Belgian movie invites many colourful adjectives""""
-Jason Anderson, EYE WEEKLY
a written review cannot do it any justice. Yes, it?s just that kind of a movie.""""
-Leo Petaccia, EXCLAIM!


In this blackly comic film, Dries, a popular author, is approached by three disabled misfits seeking a drummer for their punk rock band - "The Feminists". The singer is a misogynist skinhead who literally lives his life upside down; the bass player has a paralyzed arm due to a masturbation accident, and the deaf guitarist lives in squalor with his druggie wife and baby daughter. Dries deliberately forces the group’s snarling punk spirit into a downward spiral of chaos and explosive violence. His disability? He can’t play drums. Set to a throbbing punk soundtrack, Ex Drummer dispenses rapid-fire shots of equal-opportunity political incorrectness, taking no prisoners!

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: Flemish
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Crime
Running Time: 101 min.
Year: 2007


Dries Vanhegen
Norman Baert
Gunter Lamoot
Koen Mortier