Alfie Darling

A FILM BY Ken Hughes


"Alfie Darling" marks the return of the screen's most likeable Romeo. Portrayed by Alan Price, the talented singer and songwriter, in his motion picture acting debut, Alfie is a Continental truck driver with a girl in every port, so to speak. There's Fay and Louise and Norma and Claire, plus one or two girls who don't seem to have names. But then during one of his travels, he meets Abby - a top-drawer sophisticated, gorgeous sort of a bird who Alfie develops quite a yearning for. But she puts him down at first. Then they get to know each other and he puts her down. After that they can't put each other down! It is suggested to Alfie that he must be in love. Wedding bells are heard in the distance. But surely Alfie could never settle down?

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Running Time: 102 mins.
Year: 1975


Alan Price
Jill Townsend
Paul Copley
Ken Hughes